FIGHT on the Disney Trams: Punches Allegedly Thrown by Stroller-Clad Park Parents

Fight at Disneyland
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What is going on?!

When it comes to visiting the Disneyland Resort, Guests are always looking for the most convenient way to navigate the expansive grounds and make the most of their magical experience. That’s where the Disneyland trams come into play – they are a reliable and efficient transportation option that allows visitors to travel effortlessly between different areas of the resort.

The trams provide a comfortable and convenient way for visitors to move around the resort, especially for those who may find walking long distances challenging. Due to the overwhelming amount of families and strollers at Disney, these trams are an essential part of many Guest’s theme Park experiences.

Unfortunately, they were also allegedly the scene of a recent, brutal fight.

Disney World Trams

Credit: Disney

Chaos Breaks Out on the Disneyland Tram

If you have ever been on the Walt Disney World Resort or Disneyland Resort trams, chances are you have experienced the absolute mayhem that happens at the end of a Park day. With thousands of tired, restless Guests trying to get home, the limited space on the trams often makes it quite a disaster. Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t have solutions to combat this problem.

Many people have hoped that Disney would implement a more strict line and seat assignment system to help ensure that tram boarding is done in a more civilized and respectful manner. The current system is kind of a free-for-all. Unfortunately, it has left many fans feeling very frustrated and overwhelmed when it comes to boarding these trams.

In extreme circumstances, this policy has also led to fights happening on and around the trams.

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Disney World tram

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Drama and Fury… Inevitable at Disney

When you are spending thousands of dollars on a Disney vacation, there is truly nothing worse than having the bad Guest behavior of others ruin it for you. While Disneyland and Walt Disney World are magical and happy havens for millions of people every year, the Parks can quickly turn dark and violent under the wrong circumstances.

This past year, bad Guest behavior has been on display like never before. Whether it be arrests, inappropriate attire, stealing, or full-on fights, there has been no lack of undesirable Guest occurrences. Now, Guests are alleging that another ridiculous incident has taken place at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California.

According to a Reddit post in the r/Disneyland thread, a fight broke out on one of the trams that escalated to the point of physical violence. The post says,

“Did anyone see the fight that happened in the trams around 11:30pm last night? It seemed like someone threw a punch, wondering what happened.”

Many fans commented on the post, speculating what could have possibly been the source. A couple of fans provided more personal insight from the incident. One says;

“WE WERE ON THAT TRAM! We were wondering why we were waiting and we joked “maybe they were throwing people off”. Then five to six security guards came by and we had to wait like 10 minutes for them to drag their asses out. Probably got a little too drunk at Oogie Boogie as they were costumed up.”

Another user adds on;

“Two families , two dads, two strollers … turned what could have been a super short tram ride into a night of security , cast members, and cops – the poor wives and their kids . That’s a Disney trip they won’t forget , how traumatic – “all was good until dad had to punch someone and go to jail”

Fight in the trams
byu/AletheiaSeeker inDisneyland

This situation seems to be truly unacceptable. While no confirmation from any official Disney source has come out, it is likely that the involved parties were reprimanded for such violence. Remember, folks, Disney is not for fights!

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