Caught on Camera: Fight Causes Disneyland to Shut Down Trams

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Disneyland caught a “Karen” on camera fighting on a tram.

Disneyland Resort is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth.” However, some Disneyland Guests who have become known as “Disney Karens” try and ruin it for all. Disneyland Resort, located in California, is a renowned and beloved entertainment destination. It encompasses two theme parks, Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, as well as various hotels, dining options, and entertainment venues. Guests come from far and far to spot Sleeping Beauty Castle or see Mickey Mouse himself.

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With thousands of Guests heading to Disney Parks daily, emotions, attitudes, and much more tend to change throughout the day. Guests have been seen fighting, yelling, breaking Disney rules and much more. Recently at Disney World, a bloody brawl broke out in front of the Train station. Guests caught fighting at either Disney Park will be removed from the Parks, or even banned for life. Guests have abandoned children at Disney Parks, or had children taken away from them.

This “Karen” seen in a TikTok goes viral after she is seen yelling at other Guests on a Disneyland tram. In this video, one Geust yells, “This is not six flags.” Disney Cast Members were heard telling Guests they could not pull off until they settle down.

Disney Security got involved and can be seen talking to this Disney Guest. Guest were chanting, “Get her off.” Sadly this video does not show what happens next. One would think after she yelled at Disney security, that she was removed from the Tram. The trams remained shut down until the altercation was handled.


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“Disney Karens” often believe that their personal desires and preferences should take precedence over the experiences of other Guests or the policies set by Disney. They may argue about ride wait times, demand immediate access to popular attractions, or insist on obtaining privileges unavailable to others.

Disneyland Castle

Credit: Disney

Disney Cast Members and Disney Security do their best to keep Disney Parks clean, safe, and a magical location for Guests. Disney World is well-equipped to handle challenging Guests and has trained its cast members to remain calm and professional in such situations. They are trained to address Guest concerns while upholding the rules and policies of the park. In extreme cases, disruptive individuals may be escorted out of the park by security.

Should Disney have removed this Guest from the tram?

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