Guest Asks Internet If He Met a Disney Karen, They Confirm Uncomfortable Encounter

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We get it, a Disney vacation can be an incredibly stressful experience. The days are long, sometimes the lines feel longer, the crowds can be overwhelming, and the food and merchandise are expensive. It can be even more stressful for Guests with children, especially during the dreaded midday meltdown. Even though you may be stressed, it is not okay to take it out on other Guests or Cast Members, especially if there is nothing they can do to control the situation.

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One Guest recently took to Reddit to ask the forum if he had met a Karen during his time at the Disneyland Resort. For those who may not be familiar, the term “Karen” describes someone acting entitled and thinking that they are owed something beyond what is reasonable.

You can read the Redditor’s post below:

I was standing behind this woman in line when she steps off to the side when there was a big empty space. I thought maybe she wanted to lean against the wall or something so I just stayed where I was. I moved over to let some people go by and she goes off on me about her still being in line. I say that I knew she was in line and I was just letting these people pass by. Thinking that we were done I was surprised when she tells me she needed space as I kept standing behind her in line and she could always sense that I was behind her and she needed me to be far enough back that she didn’t know I was there. Not wanting to get into an argument I tried keeping about 4 or 5 feet between us when a cast member sent us to two different lines. My line was going a little faster and I saw her complain to the employee. Then I saw her getting into a heated talk with a guest next to her. Then another heated argument with another guest. Just as I turned the corner I saw her yelling at a new employee, the last thing I hear is her yelling “there’s no way you can make this right!”

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While the Redditor wasn’t sure if he had actually met a Karen, other Redditors quickly confirmed that he had and some even shared their own encounters with Karens at Disney, including u/cmpalm, who had an unfortunate experience at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

Yup! Had a very similar situation at the dessert pre-party at MK in January. A women in a scooter was telling everyone they needed to back up and couldn’t come close to her because she was sick. Literally she didn’t want anyone within like 6 feet of her and was having an absolute meltdown over it. I can have sympathy for someone who is sick BUT if you’re in a position where you can’t be around people you probably should have stayed home.

Magic Kingdom

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Many Redditors commented that, if the woman wanted space, she should not have taken a trip to the most popular theme park in Southern California. Even though Disney is limiting attendance with its reservation system, both Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure, as well as the Downtown Disney District, are frequently crowded, and it is nearly impossible to have a wide space around you.

Have you ever encountered someone you would consider a “Karen” while at Disney?

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