Woman Pulls Off Ultimate Halloween Costume – Disney Karen

Disney Karen Costume
Credit: OutrageousCarry Reddit

Halloween is officially here, and one of the best parts of the spookiest day of the year — other than the copious amounts of candy — is checking out all the great Halloween costumes. While some out-of-this-world Halloween costumes can be seen at Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and Oogie Boogie Bash at Disney California Adventure at Disneyland Resort, there are some costumes that become viral because of how fantastic they are.

One woman is taking the Disney fandom by storm, and tricking people along the way.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Credit: Disney

Redditor u/OutrageousCarry shared her incredible Halloween costume, in which she dressed up as a “Disneyland Karen” for her work’s Halloween party. Her costume came complete with Mickey ears, shopping bags, a pin collection, a sour expression, and plenty of the most common “Karen” complaints.

me and my son paid $500 to be here, the rides broke down for 20 minutes and the magic is gone! move so i can get a picture with mickey. (i’m a disneyland karen for our halloween party at work)

Disneyland Karen

Credit: Reddit

The most amazing thing about OutrageousCarry’s costume was how many people commented that they were nearly fooled by the costume, thinking that OutrageousCarry was actually complaining, including Terrible-Foundation7.

I started reading and was like “you’ve got to be sh***ing me” and then continued reading!! Absolutely love this!

GothicCLG shared what kinds of Disney Karen’s they thought were the worst, giving OutrageousCarry ideas for the next Disney Karen costume.

You are yet achieve perfection: you must know the names of the parks strays from a website you frequent and demand a cast member tell you where the cat is.

Source: was a cast member, these were the worst Karen’s to me

Boo to You Halloween Parade

Credit: Ali Nasser/Disney Wiki Fandom

BaltyHawk said that there was only one more thing she needed to perfect her costume — one of Disney’s extremely popular popcorn buckets. Although they left it to her to decide which one.

Need a collectible popcorn bucket. Looks like you got the attitude down.

Mickey popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

Overall, OutrageousCarry had over 200 comments on her picture, with most telling her how much they loved her Disney Halloween costume, and others sharing what kind of Disney Karens they had to see during their day in the Disney Parks.

What is your favorite part of her costume? What would you add to it?

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