Uncontrollable, Brutal Brawl Breaks Out in Magic Kingdom

Brawl at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort
Credit: Disney

An uncontrollable fistfight went viral after Guests were seen fighting in Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort.

Walt Disney World is known as “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” However, there are times when it seems that some Disney decide to ruin the magical fun for others. Home to four theme parks– Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Dinsey’s Hollywood Studios. Disney World is no stranger to hosting Guests, but there have been several unruly visitors as of late, and this behavior has caused major issues in Walt Disney World Resort.

Family with Cell phone at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Disney World is a place of happiness and excitement, but even it is not immune to occasional incidents involving unruly Guests. These incidents, however infrequent, may involve disagreements, arguments, or altercations between individuals. In such instances, Disney’s security personnel are trained to intervene promptly and resolve the situation in a calm and professional manner. Disney World’s security team will work diligently to de-escalate the situation and, if necessary, involve local law enforcement authorities. They prioritize the safety and comfort of all Guests, ensuring that any disruptive behavior is swiftly addressed and appropriate actions are taken.

MasterGraceyJr tweeted a video of a brawl that happened at Disney World this week. These Guests can be seen punching and pulling one another. The fight gets out of control as several adults fight while a Disney Cast Member pleads with them to stop. This incident happened in front of the Train Station at Magic Kingdom Park. While we are unsure what started this brawl, it is never okay to resort to violence in Disney World.

Good times at MK today. Not my vid


These Guests fighting can spot children in the background looking terrified at this moment. Disney Cast Members and Security handled this situation, and there has been no confirmation if these Guests were arrested, but they were all almost surely given bans and trespassed from the property. Disney can remove Guests for any reason they see necessary. Guests can be banned for life, removed from the Parks, and much more for the safety of others.

It is important to note that instances of Guest fighting or violence within the theme park are exceedingly rare and not condoned by the Park’s management or its dedicated Cast Members.

town square magic kingdom disney world

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Disney World strives to create an environment where Guests can escape the outside world and immerse themselves in a magical experience. The park’s commitment to Guest safety, security, and satisfaction has helped it maintain its status as one of the most popular and cherished tourist destinations worldwide.

Did you see this brawl while at Magic Kingdom?

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