Ew! Fans Disgusted by This Unsanitary Guest Behavior

epcot incident
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Every week, a new story about ridiculous Guest behavior seems to come out. Whether it be eating food on rides, disrespecting Cast Members, or even lighting fireworks in a Disney Park, there is no limit to how wild Guests can get. However, this new report of bad Guest behavior may top all others.

EPCOT Dreamers Point

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Incredibly Innaproporate Behavior Echibited by Guests

Walt Disney World Resort is “The Most Magical Place on Earth”… or at least it is most of the time.

All it takes is one ridiculous Guest to ruin the magic for everyone else, which is exactly what happened last weekend at Walt Disney World.

On the Reddit Page r/WaltDisneyWorld, Guests and Disney fans can communicate and discuss attractions, accommodations, food, and overall Park experiences. Every once in a while, a member of the page will share a report of some bad behavior by other Guests. This weekend, a member reported an occurrence that shocked and Disturbed the entire page.

User DeliriumTrigger made a post with a public service announcement he needed to make. His message: please do not allow your child to urinate on the sidewalk at Walt Disney World. The user reports that during a recent visit to the Park, he witnessed a father hold up his child and allow him to use the sidewalk as his own personal restroom. The incident happened near the Popcorn Stand outside of Mission Space in EPCOT.

EPCOT at Night

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Disgusting Behavior from EPCOT Guests

Needless to say, the other members of the group were downright horrified to hear that this happened. Many were confused as to who would think that that was okay. The original poster added more context to the story, and shared who the culprits were. He said, “I will say they were a white family wearing jackets in 60-degree weather who brought their own strollers into the Park. I assumed they were Floridians.”

PSA: Please don’t let your children pee on the sidewalk near a popcorn stand.
byu/DeliriumTrigger inWaltDisneyWorld

This story might be one of the worst Guest incidents ever to happen in the Park. The level of disrespect exhibited by these Guests is truly horrifying. One commenter pointed out that there is even a bathroom nearby. This story will surely be hard to top when it comes to theme Park Guest horror stories.

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