Guest Throws Fit, Lies Down on Parade Route, Fights with Police, Earns Lifetime Ban at Disney Park

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After breaking park rules and engaging in a heated confrontation with police, a Guest is now the proud owner of a lifetime ban at Disney.

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If you’re feeling crafty or creative and have a hankering for a lifetime ban at a Disney Park, there’s simply no shortage of ways to achieve the goal you’ve set for yourself. It goes without saying, however, that behaviors that are serious enough to earn you a ban at Disney can also have legal implications as well, depending on the method by which you choose to secure your ban.

You can try your luck at jumping the queue in front of 1,000 other Guests at Animal Kingdom like this man did, or you can smack your husband in the parking lot of Animal Kingdom like this woman did (and then try to justify it by saying it’s just the stress of your Disney vacation). You can even try to smuggle your child into Magic Kingdom in an attempt to save yourself the cost of a park ticket like one man did.

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And Disney is no respecter of the presence or absence of your celebrity status. Over the years, several celebrities have admitted to receiving either temporary or permanent bans from Disney Parks–and for a wide range of behaviors. Rebel Wilson once received a 30-day ban from Disneyland, while Blake Lively was banned years ago for trying to sneak into the park without a ticket. Former President Barack Obama was banned for smoking while inside a Disney Park.

Obama Once Got Kicked Out of Disneyland for Breaking This Major Rule

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“A few of us were smoking on the gondolas,” Obama said of the former Disneyland Skyway attraction, which closed permanently in 1994.

Recently, another person was banned from a Disney Park–though this ban didn’t include the name of a celebrity. Instead, the ban was graciously granted to a Guest who, like Mr. Obama, was smoking in the park and then carried his bad behavior a step further by engaging in a loud and heated argument with law enforcement.

According to Shine, a Guest was caught lighting up in a non-smoking area at Shanghai Disneyland. But he didn’t stop there. Instead, when confronted by police, he engaged in a confrontation with them.

Officials applaud smoking ban at Shanghai Disney Resort after visitor permanently banned

Credit: Shine

An online video shows that Disney Cast Members attempted to ask the Guest to stop smoking in the area, but instead of putting out his cigarette, he instead became agitated and angry toward the Cast Members, demanded an apology from them, and then fell to the ground, causing the scheduled parade to be canceled for the day and prompting law enforcement to get involved.

Officials applaud smoking ban at Shanghai Disney Resort after visitor permanently banned

Credit: TI Gong

“Shanghai Disney Resort has fulfilled its responsibilities for smoking control in accordance with relevant regulations, protecting the health and safety of visitors and the public,” said an official with the local tobacco control association. “We fully support their efforts and extend our sympathy to the affected staff and performers.”

“The visitor involved in the incident on the parade route yesterday will be banned from entering the park again, and his behavior will be further investigated by the police.” Shanghai Disney Resort said in a statement issued the day after the incident.

The Shanghai Disney Park received even more accolades from the tobacco control association in Shanghai, which applauded the park’s efforts in stopping Guests from smoking in the parks.

“Shanghai Disney Resort has fulfilled its responsibilities for smoking control in the park, in accordance with Article 6 and Article 8 of the local Public Place Smoking Control Regulations.” The local tobacco control association stated.

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