Trailer For Newest ‘Up’ Film Has Fans Weak In The Knees

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

In 2009, Disney/Pixar’s Up made an entire generation of movie-goers learn how to feel. Colorful balloons took audiences along with Carl Fredricksen, wilderness explorer Russell, and talking dog pal Dug as they floated toward adventure. But what fans recall most from the acclaimed film is the wholesome romance between Carl Fredricksen and his beloved wife, Ellie. A short montage chronicles their love and life together and her passing at the beginning of the film.

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

The first announcement of a new short film installment to the Up story was planned to premiere on February 10 on Disney’s streaming platform. However, the day came and went, and the only Up content on Disney+ was the original film and mini-series Dug Days.  It was later announced that the Pixar short would premiere in theaters before the new animated film Elemental on June 16.

Disney Drops First Look at Carl’s Date with New Trailer

The short is simply titled Carl’s Date and follows his first date since his wife’s passing. Carl doesn’t know the first thing about dating, but luckily Dug will be his trusty wingdog. The premise of Carl’s Date outraged fans who felt Carl could never bare to date again after losing the love of his life. While others felt happy that he could move on.

carls date carl fredricksen dog disney pixar dug date flowers porch of house

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

The trailer is just under 40 seconds. We see Carl and Dug preparing for the date with cologne, partner dancing, and way too many boxes of chocolate. Carl admits that he’s been asked on a date and doesn’t know what to do. He haphazardly picks flowers from his garden and discusses old dogs and new tricks with Dug.

Watch it here!

It’s fun to see grouchy Carl Fredricksen again, voiced just in time by the late Ed Asner. Fans may find solace in the fact that someone asked Carl out on a date and not the other way around. What’s Carl supposed to do? He certainly wouldn’t turn the lady down.

Check out this new adventure from Best Picture nominated Pixar’s Up in just a few days in theaters!

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