Timon Sipper Takes Over Animal Kingdom

Move over Chip and Dale, there’s a new dynamic duo in town! Timon and Pumbaa have been delighting audiences since The Lion King premiered in 1994. This comedic pair goes together like peanut butter and jelly, like coffee and cream, like alcohol and bad decisions (ok maybe not that last one…unless you’re at EPCOT). That’s why when the brand new Pumbaa Popcorn Bucket hit Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we knew Timon couldn’t be far behind.

Pumbaa popcorn bucket Timon sipper

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The Timon Sipper Cup at Animal Kingdom is an adorable souvenir that’s absolutely perfect for Lion King fans, collectors, parents, and those who want to be a little more environmentally friendly. This sipper cup is made from high-quality plastic, and comes with a screw-on lid and an easy-to-use reusable straw.

In late summer, 2018 Disney got rid of lids on drinks in an effort to be more green. While this is a great step toward sustainability, any parent of a little one can tell you just how disastrously this has gone. Spills. Spills everywhere. Sipper cups are the perfect solution– lids that don’t end up in a landfill. The straw is also designed so that it minimizes spills and leaks, making it easy for little hands to use.

Timon Sipper

Credit: Disney

The cup itself is colorful, with a bright design and, just like the Pumbaa bucket, it comes with a lanyard that says Hakuna matata. While it wasn’t released in time for Animal Kingdom’s 25th anniversary in April, it goes perfectly with the other items that were (including the adorable popcorn bucket).

The trek snacks Timon sipper

Credit: WDW Kingdom

You’ll find the Timon Sipper Cup at Cornivores, Trek Snacks, The Feeding Ground, and ice cream carts throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Pricing is on par with other sipper cups at $15.99. The cups aren’t refillable in the park but do make for a great reusable souvenir at home!



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