Woman Goes Viral For Beyond Inappropriate Disney Outfit

Emily Rainey Viral Videos at Disney
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WARNING: The following article contains content and/or language that may not be suitable for younger readers. Viewer discretion is advised.

When it comes to visiting a Disney Park, I am of the belief that comfortable clothes trump everything else. However, we now live in the days of social media, so many people dress in over-the-top outfits while visiting. There’s nothing wrong with that, but sometimes I wonder how they can be comfortable, especially when they wear nonsensical shoes. But to each their own!

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It is always essential to remember Disney’s dress code when planning your magical day. There are certain things that Disney does not allow guests to wear.

If you are caught wearing a prohibited piece of clothing, you may be asked to buy something else or leave the park. While what constitutes a costume may be debated amongst some, there is one piece of clothing that no one would argue was park-appropriate.

D Shirts

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TikToker Emily Rainey posted videos of herself at Disneyland Resort wearing what looks like a bikini top. However, when you look closer, you will see that it is actually not a bikini top. It is a piece of fabric covering her chest.

There is no strap across the front or tie in the back. There are similar pieces on the internet called “Ta-Ta Towels.” Followers quickly flooded her comments section, appalled that she would dress that way when visiting the parks.


We back ✨

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Comments on the viral video noted that they believed she was desperate for attention, and many in the comments reminded people not to dress like that for Disney.

Some users commented that they would be upset if their kids saw someone dressed like that. Emily replied to many comments that she wore a sweater all day and only showed her top (or lack thereof) to make her videos.

And this wasn’t Emily’s only time visiting Disney with a “Ta-Ta Towel.” Another video shows her back in the same Disneyland parking lot:


We back again ✨

♬ Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo – From “Cinderella” Soundtrack – Verna Felton

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She notes in another video below she’s “back at Disney” and “not banned.” She was gifted some Disney gift cards and planned to use them in the park for dinner. This time, she isn’t wearing a “ta-ta towel,” but what looks like a sports bra instead:


It’s me again 🦋 @emilymakeitrainey #disney #disneyland #downtowndisney #imback

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If you are planning to visit Disneyland Resort (or any Disney Park), there are several dress code policies you must follow. Here are the current clothing guidelines from the Disneyland Resort website:

Proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times. The parks are a casual, family-oriented environment. Ensuring that the parks are family-friendly is an important part of the Disney experience. In that spirit, we ask you to use your discretion and common sense.

Inappropriate Attire
Disney reserves the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests. Attire that is not appropriate for the parks—and which may result in refusal of admittance—includes but is not limited to:

  • Costumes and costume masks, which may not be worn by Guests 14 years of age or older.
guest with mickey (left), guest wearing a mickey (right)

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  1. Specific Halloween and Christmas events. See below.
  2. Some outfits inspired by Star Wars. Learn more
  • Clothing with objectionable material, including obscene language or graphics
  • Excessively torn clothing
  • Clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment
  • Clothing that touches or drags on the ground
  • Clothing with multiple layers is subject to search upon entry
  • Objectionable tattoos
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What do you think of this viral TikToker’s attire? was appropriate? Even though she covered up later, should she have walked around dressed like that? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. She will receive retribution when her “Ta-Tas” are swinging down by her kneeses!

    • The best way to express your disapproval is to not go there

    • I was going to say the same thing Nancy. Her breast are sagging so low and that shouldn’t be for a girl her age. Maybe if she grew up she would learn that she needs to support those puppies 🐶 before they are at her needs instead of flaunting those sagging things no one wants to see

  2. This is all part of these so called Influencers that troll for likes to them anything goes anywhere as long as it get likes ,
    Like Hollywood says Good or Bad as long as there in the spotlight that’s all that matters.
    Disney needs to ban ALL Influencers , YouTubers and any other social media content provider . Not only do they fill there above everyone else with there Self Entitlement , they disrupt the parks operations , they disrupt families on vacation and create an atmosphere that not respectfully to other guests. This also leads to other to do things that’s in appropriate for a few seconds of peer acknowledgement.
    Disneyland Japan has already banned these people and it’s much more enjoyable

  3. I think it was inappropriate as she wanted it to be. It’s a real shame that this is what some people do do get attention and put on “tictok..” She should have been asked to leave and banned if she keeps it up. It’s just a sad state of affairs what people will do to cause issues to selfishly get on camera.

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