Seven Things That Should Be ILLEGAL at Disney… but Aren’t

Guests shocked standing in front of Walt Disney World's Cinderella Castle
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While Disney Parks may be the happiest and most magical places on Earth, they don’t come without their fair share of bad guests.

Over the last year, the internet has continued to go wild over videos and photos exposing just how bad the behavior of Disney guests can get. Walt Disney’s dream of creating a place where dreams come true is being tarnished by a small minority who engage in bad guest behavior.

When it comes to irritating behavior, some fans just wish it was illegal. To prove this point, here are some totally legal guest actions that drive fans wild. 

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#1: Line Cutting

This might be the most irritating of them all. After waiting in line for what seems like ages, there is nothing more annoying than seeing a family of seven barge their way to the front of the line to cut it. While Disney certainly does not like it when Guests do this, there isn’t any formal policy in place to stop it from happening.

If you’re lucky, the best a bad guest will get is turned to the back of the line by a Cast Member.

#2: Public Intoxication

Excessive alcohol consumption in a family-oriented environment can lead to uncomfortable situations for other visitors. Some might argue that there should be stricter regulations on alcohol consumption. In Parks like EPCOT, Disney makes it easier than ever for Guests to consume large amounts of alcoholic beverages out in public.

Visting EPCOT without seeing a belligerently drunk guest is a rare sight indeed.

California Grill Cocktails

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#3: Littering

Now, this one really makes any Cast Member’s blood boil. Despite efforts to keep the Parks clean, some visitors do not take responsibility for their trash, leading to an untidy environment. Cast Members are instructed to clean up after these rude guests as quickly as possible so as not to ruin the experiences of other Guests.

In my opinion, guests caught littering should be kicked out!

#4: Reciting Ride Speeches

We get it… You memorized the opening speech for Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction. For some reason, some Disney fans find immense joy in reciting the words or speeches on Disney attractions. While this is a cool skill, there is absolutely no reason why this even needs to happen on an actual ride.

The blatant level of disregard for other Guests is appalling and should honestly not be tolerated by Disney.

#5: “Quizzing” the Princesses… as an Adult!

While children might get away with asking a Disney Princess a million complicated questions, it is really not cute when grown-ups do the same. Asking questions is okay, but quizzing and provoking the Princesses is not.

Unfortunately, this has become somewhat of a social media trend over the past few years. Trying to get character performers to ‘slip up’ is absolutely not okay.

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#6: Reselling of Limited-Edition Merchandise at Inflated Prices

Some might argue that reselling limited-edition merchandise at significantly higher prices takes advantage of dedicated fans and collectors. It is so frustrating for fans when scalpers come through and buy up tons of a certain kind of Disney item. To see these same items being resold for a massive upcharge is not okay!

However, enforcing such a rule could be challenging and might affect the secondary market as a whole. Still, I wish it was illegal!

#7: Invasive Photography

This can be seen in a couple of ways. One way is the invasive Disney vloggers who often film children and families without their consent on their streaming or vlogging channels. Understandably, it would be hard to remove all background guests from photos of videos, but some of these streamers are really over the top.

Another issue is filming with the flash on while on a dark ride. This totally ruins the moment for everyone else and feels totally invasive.

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These are just a few behaviors exhibited by guests at Disney Parks that, while not illegal, are widely considered to be disruptive and disrespectful to the overall experience of other visitors.

Despite being frowned upon by both Disney and fellow guests, there are no formal policies in place to address these issues, leaving many to wish for stricter regulations to maintain the magic and enjoyment of the parks for all attendees.

What do you think? Did we miss anything else? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. #4a – General talking over the preshows, especially with elevated excited voices. We get it, you’ve ridden 50 times and want to get to the actual ride, but let the first timers hear about the Dinosaur time car. Sheesh!

  2. Can we please address the dress code! Crop tops and bra looking tops should not be allowed…short booty shorts are outta hand…
    I would rather see push wagons than butt cheeks.

  3. #3 Littering, it is shameful, I am always shocked and furious right after fireworks and the water bottles and trash lining the streets is insane! There is a freaking trash can right there!!!!!

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