“Binny” Is Not Walt Disney World’s First Famous Trash Can

Disney Trash Cans in front of Speedway and Spaceship Earth
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If you are following Disney news, you have probably heard about the recent controversy over famous trash cans. You may ask yourself, “What kind of controversy could exist over a trash can?” But this isn’t the first time Walt Disney World fans have been following the happenings of a trash can.

“PUSH” the Trash Can

Long-time Disney fans are not new to the concept of iconic trash cans throughout Walt Disney World. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll likely remember “PUSH,” the famous trash can from Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.

“PUSH” was a talking trash can that greeted unsuspecting Guests in Tomorrowland with stories, jokes, songs, and questions. He was a favorite amongst Guests, especially younger Guests, from whom he loved asking for hugs. Did you ever give this magical trash can a hug?

Credit: Inside the Magic, YouTube

“PUSH” roamed Magic Kingdom until he was retired in 2014, to Guests’ great disappointment. However, just when Guests thought he was gone for good, the famous trash can made a reappearance in EPCOT.

During the 2022 International Food and Wine Festival, “PUSH” could be found in The Odyssey. The talking trash can wasn’t quite as independent, but it still greeted Guests as they through away their trash.

PUSH the trashcan Tomorrowland

Credit: Disney Dining

We haven’t seen “PUSH” since then, but we’re hoping his visits haven’t come to an end. Many Guests have hopes that the original talking “PUSH” that roamed through the Parks will one day return.

“Binny” the Trash Can

Following in the former footsteps of “PUSH,” Walt Disney World has a new famous trash can, and it’s stirring up quite a bit of controversy. Recently, “Binny” has taken center stage as the newest notable Disney trash can.

“Binny,” a trash can located outside of the exit of Rose & Crown Pub, became famous as the mascot of the Disney Day Drinkers Club. This club is made up of Disney fans who love drinking around Walt Disney World, sharing about new drinks, and building community with fellows Disney foodies.

Binny the trash can and rose & crown pub

Credit: Disney Day Drinkers Club, Disney

“Binny” served as the club’s mascot, as nearby trashcans commonly serve as great makeshift tables to set your drink when you are drinking around EPCOT’s World Showcase. The location also acted as a meet up location for club members as well as a photo opportunity.

“Binny’s” Removal

UK Pavilion exterior

Credit: Disney

Since “Binny’s” recognition on social media, crowds started to swarm the trash can in the UK pavilion. Due to the popularity, it seems that Disney removed the Disney Day Drinkers’ beloved mascot. Many “Binny” fans have expressed great sadness at the trash can’s removal.

However, the Disney Day Drinkers club isn’t letting this little setback stand in the way of their community’s fun. The club is communicating a new “Binny” location throughout members to keep spirits high and continue having a location to meet in EPCOT’s World Showcase.

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  1. Binny lives! They just parked em across the way from Ireland Booth! Though, the #D3 Club, are now using another across the way from Rose and Pub! Binny still holds a dear friend to many of us, that we are proud that it made it to the other area of Ireland! 😉 #D3