The Race Is on to Find Pixar’s Latest Easter Egg

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Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar fans have come to count on the fact that new animated features from the studio will have fun Easter eggs to discover. Peter Sohn’s new Pixar movie, Elemental, is no different! Apparently, there are at least two references to the upcoming film Elio included in Pixar’s latest Easter egg basket, but fans can only seem to find one.

The trailer for Elio was released a few weeks ago, but knowledge about the overall project is still very much under wraps. So far, audiences know that the new Pixar film will follow a teenage boy who accidentally travels to another planet and acts as the ambassador to Earth.

new pixar movie elio elemental easter egg

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Where to Find the First Elio Easter Egg in Elemental

ScreenRant made this one easy for us because it’s really hard to catch! In Wade’s childhood flashback involving a highly absorbent sponge at school, there are posters visible on the wall. There is one specific blue poster that reads, “Join the Space Club.” It shows a planet with holes and tentacles, which according to Elio’s trailer and marketing, is presumably the planet he travels to!

It’s a super subtle and easy-to-miss reference, but that does seem to be Pixar’s style. Remember the Monster’s Inc. wood carving Easter egg hidden in the witch’s house from Brave? Or the kid reading a Mr. Incredible comic book in the waiting room of the dentist in Finding Nemo? If you think this Elemental Easter egg was a tough one, you may not even find the next one.

wade flashback sponge water elemental elio easter egg pixar

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

An Elio Character Easter Egg Appears Somewhere in the Background of Elemental

In a virtual press conference for Elemental, producer Denise Ream revealed that she was delighted to include an Elio character in the movie. But as far as the internet is concerned, no one has been able to catch it yet. Apparently, the Elio character can be spotted somewhere in the air stadium scene while the game is being played.

Wade and Ember’s time in the stadium is a huge scene with a multitude of background characters. Are you up to the task of weeding out which one is the Elio character? Do you think it will be someone fans might recognize from the trailer? Or is it possible fans wouldn’t be able to identify the Elio character yet, even if they did see them?

elemental ember wade at air stadium elio character pixar easter egg

Credit: Pixar Animation Studios

Elemental had a disappointing opening weekend for Pixar Animation Studios but may be seeing a comeback in ticket sales. Maybe the promise of an Easter Egg hunt will bring even more of an audience!

Let us know if you find Pixar’s latest Easter Egg!

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