Taylor Swift Joining the MCU

Taylor swift rendering as dazzler in front of marvel logo
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That’s the rumor, anyway.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

There’s a theory that in Deadpool 3 (2024), Taylor Swift will portray the superhero Dazzler. But where exactly did this rumor come from? And could it be true?

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Rumor Source

Erik Davis (of Fandango and Rotten Tomatoes) said on X (formerly Twitter) that many years ago, he had a conversation with Marvel producer Kevin Feige (and Deadpool 3 director) Kevin Feige. During the conversation, he stated that he was a big fan of Dazzler, and if he were ever to direct a film for the Marvel Universe, he would want it to focus on that specific character.

This rumor dates back many years ago, in 2015, to when Taylor Swift appeared with the cast of X-men, including James McAvoy, who played Professor X; Sophie Turner, who played Jean Grey; and Simon Kinberg, who wrote X-men: Apocalypse.

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Could it be True?

Fast forward to today, though, and Simon Kinberg is writing Deadpool 3…and Kevin Feige, who wanted to incorporate Dazzler into a Marvel movie, is directing it. The stars seem perfectly aligned for the theory to become a reality. However, the rumors have yet to be confirmed by anyone working on the actual project.

disney and taylor swift mcu deadpool 3 disney movie walt disney company Taylor swift fan rumors tickets ryan reynolds blake lively

Credit: Netflix

But Deadpool 3 will be the first Deadpool movie to officially be part of the MCU (and, therefore, the first R-rated Marvel Cinematic Universe movie). The film’s plot has been described as a road trip with Deadpool and Logan, meaning any situations, characters, and surprises could occur.

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Credit: Disney

Although the upcoming movie was going to premiere on May 3, 2024, the current Hollywood strikes could cause a delay. And therefore, the delay could cause massive changes to the story, including casting and reshoots if necessary. Anything is possible. As Rachel Zegler recently reminded us, “It’s Hollywood, baby!”

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