Buckle Up, MCU Fans: A Google Mistake May Have Provided a Huge ‘Deadpool 3’ Spoiler

Buckle Up, MCU Fans: A Google Mistake May Have Provided a Huge Deadpool 3 Spoiler
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Potential Deadpool 3 spoiler ahead; proceed with caution!

It’s time to make the chimichangas! Well-almost. Crazed anti-hero Deadpool, portrayed on screen by the ever-so-lovable Ryan Reynolds, has been getting a ton of press lately. Keeping to the oldest of Marvel traditions, much of the news has been related to spoilers and theories surrounding what the new film could be about, what other Marvel characters could make a surprise appearance, and if Deadpool will finally cross over with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In general, Marvel fans are obsessed with what they don’t know and have little patience waiting to see what the third¬†Deadpool¬†film will bring to the screen.¬†

We already know that Hugh Jackman will be reprising his role as Logan/ Wolverine after photos were released showing him on-set alongside Ryan Reynolds. Much to the delight of fans, Wolverine was scene wearing his traditional black and yellow X-Men¬†costume.¬†X-Men fans have been waiting decades to see Wolervine don the unmistakable comic book look, and their wish will come true once he teams up with the foul-mouthed sort of superhero on screen in 2024. Confirmed, Wolverine’s presence in the film alongside Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool character was met with great fanfare, it wasn’t enough to keep the bloggers, YouTube Channels, and fans from speculating about what other secrets could be in store from director Shawn Levy. Marvel fans are truly insatiable.¬†

Deadpool 3 spoiler

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Despite the rumors that Jennifer Garner would reprise her role as Elektra and Patrick Stewart would return to Marvel as Professor Xavier, fans still want more¬†Deadpool¬†spoilers, especially when it comes to confirming that Reynold’s hilarious character, who is part of the¬†X-Men¬†side of Marvel, will officially be coming to the MCU. Well, those zealous fans may have gotten their answer, as Google’s algorithm currently shows two MCU characters as part of the cast for¬†Deadpool 3. Not only that, a couple of other surprises await those not patient enough to wait until next Spring.¬†

Deadpool 3 is the third film in a series that began in 2016. Based on the insanely popular comic characters created by Rob Liefield, the first two Deadpool films were wildly successful. However, the films and movie rights to Deadpool were part of a $71.3 billion deal that saw Disney take ownership of the content. For this reason, you can find both Deadpool and Deadpool 2 on Disney+ available for streaming. Although Deadpool is still not part of the MCU, another successful MCU project also available on the streaming app is the made-for Disney+ series Loki, featuring Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson, which premiered in 2021.

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Interestingly enough, by searching the cast for¬†Deadpool 3, you’ll find credits for both Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius. This potential Deadpool 3 spoiler may surprise some, but for others, it isn’t that shocking. As the second film introduced Cable, played by Josh Brolin, and focused heavily on his ability to slip through time, many people saw this crossover coming. Given the premise of Loki, in which Thor’s half-brother has slipped away from capture by the Avengers and created a new branch in time, the dealing of time travel and multiverses makes perfect sense.

Even more interesting, the MCU, outside of storylines like Falcon and Winter Soldier (2021), She-Hulk (2022), and Secret Invasion (2023), has primarily dealt with time, how it works, and how our favorite superheroes can affect it. Doctor Strange 2: Multiverse of Madness (2022) gave plenty of insight into how time and multiverses work, introducing X-Men characters like Professor Xavier into the MCU. The same film also brought a long-awaited Marvel favorite, Reed Richards, played by John Krasinski, into the fold. This gets even more interesting when we consider that the Fantastic Four was part of the same acquisition that gave Disney control over Deadpool.

patrick stewart owen wilson loki

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As the MCU is currently a mess regarding timelines and multiverses, this new¬†Deadpool 3 spoiler would work well if Disney wanted to bring the dark anti-hero into one of its more profitable franchises. As Marvel fans have been calling for Deadpool’s arrival to the MCU since he first appeared on screen, he would likely be accepted with open arms, especially alongside a moderately serious character like Loki.

Of all the work done by the MCU post-Avengers: End Game (2019); Loki (2021), and WandaVision (2021) have been praised the most as successful, with many other MCU projects leading to disappointment amongst fans. The star power of Tom Hiddleston, Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Owen Wilson, and Hugh Jackman, combined with the potential of Patrick Stewart and Halle Barry as Storm, could break the internet in a good way! 

We breezed over the comment about Storm, didn’t we? Yes, the same cast credit that shows Loki also shows Patrick Stewart returning as Professor Xavier and Halle Barry as Storm from¬†X-Men¬†(2000). Deadpool 3¬†could also serve as the connection to continue mixing the¬†X-Men into the MCU, which Marvel fans have also been lobbying for relentlessly.

Buckle Up, MCU Fans: A Google Mistake May Have Provided a Huge Deadpool 3 Spoiler

Credit: Marvel

Although Patrick Stewart has already been present in the MCU, other hints at mutants and the X-Men have consistently found their way into films and Disney+ programming.¬†For starters, Wanda Maximoff, who kills Professor Xavier in¬†Multiverse of Madness¬†(2022), has an encounter with her cross-universe brother, played by Evan Peters in¬†WandaVision¬†(2021). As well, Tatiana Maslany breaks the fourth wall (much like Deadpool) and pokes fun at MCU fans who have been clamoring for the return of the X-Men during¬†She-Hulk: Attorney at Law¬†(2022). Finally, at the culmination of¬†Ms. Marvel¬†(2022) on Disney+, it is determined that Iman Vellani’s character derives her powers from a mutation, much like the mutants in the¬†X-Men¬†universe. It’s all coming together.

We’ll see what happens, but one thing is for sure, the MCU is heating up, and with upcoming projects like¬†The Marvels,¬†Loki: Season 2, and¬†Agatha: Coven of Chaos, it’ll be interesting to see what happens as Disney continues to provide incursion after incursion of collisions between these two Marvel Universes. Considering recent cross-overs with the MCU and Sony concerning¬†Venom¬†and¬†Spider-Man¬†and now the most recent¬†Deadpool 3¬†spoilers, who knows what will happen? However exciting these potential spoilers are, it should be noted that Google has been wrong before about casting. The algorithm sometimes gets a little funky, so don’t be upset if Loki doesn’t appear in the third¬†Deadpool¬†film, which hits theatres in May of 2024.

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