‘Loki’ Star Spotted Working at McDonald’s

disney plus marvel studios loki season two tom hiddleston jonathan majors owen wilson sophia di martino loki and mcdonald's sacred timeline
Credit: Marvel Studios

Disney Plus recently announced that the long-awaited season two of Marvel Studios Loki will premiere this October 6 on the streaming platform! This is despite the controversy surrounding Marvel actor Jonathan Majors, who is currently facing charges of domestic abuse and assault. Fans thought seeing him appear in the official season two trailer was the most surprising thing about the new episodes, but it turns out something is brewing between Loki and McDonald’s.

The beloved and globally recognized fast food chain McDonald’s unexpectedly hinted at a collaboration with the Disney Plus show starring Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Sophia Di Martino, and more. Check out the “no spoilers” Twitter post below.

As soon as this news hit the ether, eagle-eyes fans rewatched the season two trailer for any hints as to what this collaboration might be. And, alas, in both Disney Plus’ Loki trailer and the split-second clip of McDonald’s teaser, we see it.

Sophie, a female variant character of our Loki, is clearly shown working at McDonald’s! At the end of the first season, Sophie angrily kills the time antagonist, “He Who Remains,” and the consequences are vast. The integrity of the Sacred Timeline and all timelines branching off it have been completely scrambled. And, I guess she ended up behind the counter at McDonald’s.

disney plus marvel studios loki season two tom hiddleston jonathan majors owen wilson sophia di martino loki and mcdonald's sacred timeline

Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s likely this partnership between Loki and McDonald’s goes beyond simple product placement, however. Excited fans expect some kind of special offering at the restaurants starting August 14 – the date indicated in McDonald’s ad. People are surprisingly DYING to know.

Twitter is guessing some kind of Loki meal, maybe involving green shakes or key lime pie? It couldn’t simply be Loki-themed toys for kids, right? Even vegans say they might use this as a cheat day, depending on the offering. Who knew Loki and McDonald’s would make such a fan-favorite pairing!?

Disney Dining will keep you updated once the offering is announced!

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