Disney and McDonalds Face BACKLASH Over Controversial Food Packaging

McDonalds packaging
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People are heated over this controversial packaging choice.

Who would have thought that something as simple as Disney food packaging would cause such an uproar? This year, Disney and McDonald’s have teamed up once again to bring joy to children everywhere with their latest collaboration – The Little Mermaid Happy Meal! This exciting partnership combines the magic of Disney with the convenience and affordability of a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Children can now enjoy their favorite characters from the beloved new live-action film while indulging in delicious fast-food treats.

However, this adorable collaboration has been met with a shocking amount of controversy recently, putting a significant damper on the release.

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McDonald's and Disney

Disney and McDonalds Collab Once More

For decades, Disney and McDonalds’ have worked together to create adorable themed packaging and toys for their Happy Meals. These collaborations have always been successful for both parties, as it is a great way to promote a film and also boost food sales.

At first glance, The Little Mermaid packaging is cute enough. Halle Bailey looks stunning as Princess Ariel, and the blue ocean background really makes this advertisement stand out. However, there is one part of this all that is hard to overlook.

halle bailey disney live action the little mermaid flounder scuttle cgi ariel

Credit: Disney

Environmentalists Attack “Hypocritical” Packaging

A member of the Reddit community r/Anticonsumption has started an online debate after pointing out that McDonald’s The Little Mermaid packaging shows Ariel in the ocean… while being printed on plastic. This fan thinks that this is ironic due to the fact that this packaging will likely end up polluting the ocean in the future. To make matters worse, the package only includes one slice of an apple! The caption reads;

“One apple slice in this plastic baggie, advertising a movie about the ocean…”


One apple slice in this plastic baggie, advertising a movie about the ocean…
by u/sjdjenen in Anticonsumption

There is so much attention on environmental issues right now and this seems like a big miss on Disney and McDonalds’ end. This packaging has already been out for quite a while, though, and it seems very unlikely that anyone would recall it.

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