Disney and Subsidiaries Slam Elon Musk With Simple Move

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Billionaire and public figure Elon Musk has been frustrating people in rapid succession for a long time, but none so much as when he took over as Twitter CEO last year (though now he only owns it). In just a few months, he corrupted the long-standing blue check verification system, spread unrest over the platform, and implemented an unpopular tweet viewing limit without warning. Both individuals and companies shared their displeasure with the state of Twitter, and Disney just made a major slap-in-the-face move.

Facebook/ Meta CEO and technological nemesis of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, launched his social media equivalent to Twitter last night- a few hours ahead of schedule. Threads, an Instagram app, integrates users’ information directly from their current Instagram accounts, and they’re ready to start tweeting…or threading…immediately. Zuckerberg happily shared this morning that Threads already had over 5 million accounts signed up!

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The most notable of those millions of sign-ups? The official verified accounts for Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney Parks all immediately made the move…and their first threads are pretty pointed. Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment both made the move over – the former posting a Captain America quote, “I can do this all day.” The official Star Wars one posted the Anakin Skywalker line, “This is where the fun begins.” Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Music moved as well but had less passive-aggressive first threads.

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Credit: Marvel Studios, Star Wars/ Threads

Apparently, Lucasfilm planned to release new promotional footage for its upcoming Disney+ show Ahsoka but was taken off course by Elon Musk’s abrupt tweet viewing limit. Currently, Musk’s new rule allows non-verified accounts to only view about six hundred tweets a day. This certainly cuts down the number of users Disney and other companies can reach with their social media marketing.

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The Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney accounts still exist on Twitter, considering that’s where their core following still is, but it will be interesting to see how Threads’ birth affects social media as a whole.

disney twitter threads elon musk marvel studios star wars disney parks disney music

Credit: Disney Parks, Disney Music/ Threads

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