Bob Iger Calls Out Elon Musk For Violent Disney Meme

elon musk laughing while bob iger has a straight face with a blue backgrouond

Disney CEO Robert “Bob” Iger recently reacted to Twitter’s Elon Musk posting a graphic Disney-inspired meme in response to breaking news.

Since being reinstated to his former position at the Walt Disney Company, CEO Bob Iger has had a lot on his plate to address. Indeed, from the Cast Member wage protests at the Walt Disney World Resort to rising Guest dissatisfaction at Disney Parks in general, issues with Disney+’s profitability, fluctuating stock prices, and conflict regarding Governor Ron DeSantis and the dissolution of Reedy Creek over Disney’s support of LGBTQ+ rights, the world is currently putting the Disney leader under increasing amounts of stress.

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse

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So, of course, Elon Musk has to get in on the action as well, involving Disney in yet another contentious world affair! Yesterday, the BBC Breaking News account posted information about the American government shooting down an alleged surveillance balloon introduced into the US airspace by Chinese perpetrators, as shown below:

In response, Elon Musk, owner of the social media platform Twitter and co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX, shared a digitally rendered image of a strike missile blowing the balloon carried house of Carl Fredricksen from Disney Pixar’s Up (2009) out of the sky in a fiery explosion.

Up | Disney+

Credit: Disney Plus

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As a result, Disney CEO Rober Iger then replied to this tweet from his own account, seeming to react to the so-called “joke” with a good sense of humor but noting that he felt the action was “cheeky” of Musk, either for targeting the Company brand through the image or for posting it at all in response to a non-humorous safety breach:

Moreover, Disney fans using the online platform reacted with mixed reviews, with some Twitter users hoping this foreshadows a partnership between Disney Parks & Resorts and Tesla or SpaceX. However, others rejected the interaction, advising Iger to stay away from the controversial Twitter owner or not to go down the same path.

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For instance, one user replied, “Bob, please don’t even consider spending 1,000 for a social media platform,” in reference to Musk’s recent $44 billion dollar acquisition of Twitter. On the other hand, another Twitter commenter urged Iger and Musk to bring his automobile and astronautical companies to Tomorrowland or EPCOT at Walt Disney World because it represents the future of technological advancement.

As Tesla CEO Elon Musk did not reply back, it’s unclear what he thought of Iger’s remark. Perhaps, he was busy photoshopping other memes.

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