S’more Please! The Best S’mores Treats in Walt Disney World

S'Mores Galore
Credit: Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Few things are as satisfying in life as enjoying a freshly made s’more. Traditionally prepared with crunchy graham crackers, melted chocolate, and perfectly gooey and warm marshmallows, these delicious treats have been enjoyed around many a campfire over the years and become a staple of camping cuisine.

Guests who are fans of delicious s’mores can find some totally unique and elevated treat options throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. There are traditional versions as well as unique twists in the form of other favorite snacks. No matter how they are prepared, these s’mores treats are some of the best indulgences to enjoy at the Walt Disney World Resort!

House-Made S'more

Credit: Disney

The Ganachery – House-Made S’more

The ultimate s’mores treat at the Walt Disney World Resort can be found in Disney Springs at The Ganachery. This specialty store has mastered the art of chocolate and sells a wide variety of indulgent treats that are both freshly made, as well as prepackaged to enjoy later. The Ganachery also features an on stage area where Guests can watch specialty treats being made. This includes the decadent House-Made S’more which features two graham crackers with a powdered sugar Mickey, perfectly melted chocolate, salted caramel ganache, and vanilla bean marshmallow that is blow torched to order.

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Roaring S'more

Credit: popsugar.com

Roaring Fork – Roaring S’more

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is known for its rustic décor and theming, which continues into its dining locations. Roaring Fork is the Disney Resort’s main quick service location where Guests can grab hearty options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day as well as delicious fresh bakery items. The Roaring S’more puts a twist on the traditional flavors of a s’more and tops a fresh graham cracker cake with smooth chocolate mousse and caramel marshmallow for an incredible treat that is big enough to share, though no Guest will want to!

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S'Mores Galore

Credit: Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew – S’Mores Galore

Over on the West Side of Disney Springs is the ultimate location for donut lovers, where over-the-top creations pack some bold flavors. Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew features a menu of inventive and decadent donuts that are made fresh each day and capture favorite flavor combinations and ingredients from childhood and more. Guests are sure to love the S’Mores Galore option from The Funky Bunch menu which tops a chocolate iced donut with marshmallow fluff, a massive toasted marshmallow, and crushed graham crackers for the traditional flavors all elevated to the next level!

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S'mores Gelato Shake

Credit: ziggynowsdisney.com

D-Luxe Burger – S’mores Gelato Shake

Disney Springs is also home to another delicious s’mores treat, which can be found over at D-Luxe Burger, a quick service location in the Town Square area that primarily focuses on over the top burger creations that are served for lunch and dinner each day. No classic burger is complete without a milkshake, and D-Luxe Burger offers up several artisanal shakes, including the S’mores Gelato Shake. This indulgent option blends vanilla gelato with toasted marshmallow, dark chocolate sauce, graham cracker crumble, whipped cream, marshmallows, dark chocolate drizzle, and whole graham cracker making it a complete dessert in a cup.

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S'mores Gourmet Cereal Treat

Credit: kingdomcuisine.com

Zuri’s Sweets Shop – S’Mores Gourmet Cereal Treat

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to some of the most diverse and delicious dining options at the Walt Disney World Resort, and Guests who are looking for a sweet treat can head to Zuri’s Sweets Shop in the Africa section of the Disney Park. This small local shop in the village of Harambe features some decadent candy and chocolate treats to indulge in including the S’Mores Gourmet Cereal Treat, which combines chocolate chips, chocolate drizzle, marshmallows, cinnamon squares, and rice cereal. This massive treat puts an interesting twist on traditional s’mores and features more of a crunchy texture as opposed to the smooth and gooey option that most Guests know.

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S'mores Brownie

Credit: touringplans.com

Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue – S’mores Brownie

EPCOT’s World Showcase features many different dining locations that serve up cuisine from around the world, as well as a quick service location in The American Adventure Pavilion, where Guests can indulge in traditional barbecue favorites from across the country. Regal Eagle Smokehouse: Craft Drafts & Barbecue features a menu of blue ribbon winners from Sam Eagle’s barbecue competitions, and Guests can finish each meal off with a twist on a traditional s’more. The S’mores Brownie features a thin layer of graham cracker crumbs topped with a fresh and moist chocolate brownie, toasted marshmallow, and chunk of chocolate for a flavorful and filling twist on the favorite.

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S'mores Dip

Credit: City Works Eatery & Pour House

City Works Eatery & Pour House – S’mores Dip

The classic sports bar is given an updated twist at City Works Eatery & Pour House in the West Side of Disney Springs. This table service restaurant is open for brunch, lunch, and dinner and serves up an extensive menu of elevated bar favorites that pair perfectly with dozens of unique beers on tap and overhead televisions playing sporting events. Guests who dine at City Works Eatery & Pour House need to save room for the S’mores Dip which is a decadent dessert that features perfectly baked and melted Hershey’s Chocolate topped with graham crackers and a layer of toasted marshmallows for deliciousness in every single gooey bite.

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Chocolate S'mores Pie

Credit: fairytalewonders.com

Hollywood & Vine – Chocolate S’mores Pie

Hollywood & Vine is a popular character dining location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios where Guests can enjoy an art déco-inspired interior, meet Minnie and friends in seasonal costumes, and enjoy a family-style meal of American favorites. While the menu and character offerings may change seasonally, Guests can always indulge in a delicious dessert that takes the classic flavors of s’mores and presents them in an elegant way. The Chocolate S’mores Pie combines a smooth dark chocolate mousse with toasted marshmallow and graham cracker streusel and plates it all in an elegant and abstract design that is almost too beautiful to eat.

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S'mores Cupcake

Credit: Disney

Rosie’s All-American Café – S’mores Cupcake

Guests who are looking to get their s’mores fix in Disney’s Hollywood Studios without a table service reservation can head over to Sunset Boulevard to enjoy a portable snack that packs big flavor. Rosie’s All-American Café is a quick-service outdoor location near the very end of Sunset Boulevard that serves up a limited menu of American favorites that Guests can enjoy on an open air patio in the rear that offers great views of the street and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. Rosie’s All-American Café features a S’mores Cupcake which fills a chocolate cake with fudge and tops it with a graham cracker buttercream, toasted marshmallows, and mini chocolate bar for a flavorful and delicious take on traditional s’mores.

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Werther' Original Caramel S'more

Credit: disney.urbantastebud.com

Karamell-Kuche – Werther’s Original Caramel S’more

Karamell-Kuche in the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT’s World Showcase is beloved for its array of fresh caramel treats that are whipped up each day using Werther’s Original Caramel. Guests who visit the location can try everything from freshly baked cookies to hot caramel corn, but one decadent caramel square combines the special treats with the flavors of a traditional s’more for an incredible bite. The Werther’s Original Caramel S’more features a chocolate outer shell filled with crunchy graham crackers, toasted marshmallow, and smooth caramel for a gooey, sticky, sweet option with all of the beloved s’mores flavors.

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