Seasonal Menu Items Added to Popular Disney Restaurant

hollywood brown derby dish

When it comes to visiting Walt Disney World, it goes without saying that there’s always a ton of stuff to do.

Beyond the fantastic entertainment, the exciting attractions, and the fun shops to visit, one of the best things to do is to sample some of Walt Disney World’s best restaurants.

Each Disney Park has a unique set of highly-themed restaurants, so Guests feel immersed even while eating.

In Hollywood Studios, one of the most popular restaurants is the Hollywood Brown Derby, and it’s just updated its menu.


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The Hollywood Brown Derby brings Guests back in time to the “Golden Age of Hollywood,” The restaurant is authentically modeled after the Brown Derby and is full of Hollywood’s ‘glamour and glitz.’

It’s a fan favorite among Guests visiting Hollywood Studios.

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Beginning with appetizers, here are two seasonal menu items that are back to delight Guests. On the left is the Crab Louie, consisting of fresh olive bread, fried capers, a blend of citrus, and of course, Louie sauce.

On the right is the Shrimp Cocktail, which is served with a classic cocktail sauce and sprinkled with shaved fennel cucumbers.

Credit: Disney

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There are also new entrée menu items that are both hearty and luxurious. On the left is the Filet Mignon, which comes with a potato pave, a horseradish cream, sweet glazed carrots, and to top it off, a peppercorn sauce.

On the right is the Lamb Shank, which comes with summer vegetables and a harissa vinaigrette.

Credit: Disney

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Up next is the Free-Range Chicken and Dumplings, which combines chicken and dumplings with “a lemon-ricotta Gnudi, shishito cream, and a gooseberry jus,” according to Disney.

These are just some of the new menu items coming to the Hollywood Brown Derby. For more information regarding the new arrivals, check out Disney’s official announcement and the restaurant’s official webpage.

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