PHOTOS: Disney Must Think Guests Won’t Notice as Food Portions Are Halved While Prices Go Up

Although costs at Walt Disney World Resort add Disneyland Resort are rapidly climbing, food portions are being cut in half.

Disney California Adventure Park Entrance

Credit: Disney

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An Inside the Magic writer recently visited Disneyland Resort and realized that within a year, the portions for a fan-favorite quick service eatery had been literally cut in half.

Over in Disney California Adventure Park lies Avengers Campus, hosting Pym Test Kitchen. This quick service joint offers everything from vegetarian options to alcoholic beverages and everything in between.

Credit: Disney

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This eatery is delightfully immersive and themed as a former lab facility that has been modified into a quick service restaurant. There’s outdoor seating as well as bar seating, and the decor is elaborately themed as well.

Wherever you look at Pym Test Kitchen, you’re sure to find colossal soda cans, condiment bottles, and even cell phones. The food is also delightfully themed, such as the “Not So Little Chicken Sandwich.”

Photo From 2022 (Left), Photo From 2023 (Right), Credit: Ed Aguila, Inside the Magic

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The “Not So Little Chicken Sandwich” option, which goes for $15.49, used to be truly huge. In the photos above, we can see that on the left is what the entree looked like in 2022, while the sandwich on the right is a recent picture from just a month ago.

The author, Ed Aguila, confirms that both photos were taken with the same iPhone camera, so the camera isn’t affecting the perceived size of either sandwich. He also confirms that “even after taking a few bites,” the difference in portion sizes is incredibly noticeable, dampening the experience.

Credit: Disney

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As the Walt Disney Company cuts portions in half, Guests purchase more food and snacks throughout the day to stay full, making even more money than before while serving less.

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