Guest Claims They Got Food Poisoning While Visiting This Disney World Resort Hotel

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, EPCOT, Disney Springs, and several Resort hotels, Walt Disney World is full of delicious food, drinks, desserts, and snacks. However, one Guest recently visited a Walt Disney World Resort hotel and claimed to have experienced food poisoning while visiting, which could ruin any Disney Vacation.

This claim sparked an opinionated debate on social media.

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On Reddit’s Walt Disney World Subreddit page, user u/PollyPepperTree made a post, warning other Guests of a “Food Poisoning Alert!” at a Disney Resort. However, only two days after the post was published, it has since been deleted. Presumably, it’s been deleted due to the number of disagreements that have occurred as a result.

From the original poster’s comments throughout the thread, we can gather that they were staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort with a group when they fell ill with gastrointestinal symptoms. However, many other users and Disney fans quickly pointed out that they likely contracted the common stomach bug, not food poisoning.

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One user writes,

The odds of you getting food poisoning at Disney are slim to none. The odds of you still being sick from it, even slimmer. The odds of you contracting a Norovirus at Disney, very high. The odds of you still being sick from that are very good as well.

But when another user points out that the original poster likely has the stomach bug, they ask, “Did anyone else in your party get sick after eating?” The original poster replies, “Nope. There were 7 of us and I’m the only one.”

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Unfortunately, seeing as the original post has been deleted, it isn’t easy to gather the entire story. That being said, all signs are pointing to the stomach bug, or Norovirus, instead of food poisoning.

For one, the standards of cleanliness at a Disney Resort such as the Caribbean Beach Resort are incredibly high. Whether visiting one of the Disney Parks such as Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom, the company’s goal is to give you an incredible ‘Disney experience’ free from worry.

For another, Norovirus outbreaks are most common from November to April, according to the CDC, making it even more likely that the Guest caught the pesky stomach bug.

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Always take great care to wash or sanitize your hands often while visiting Walt Disney World, especially before you eat. If something you’ve ordered smells or tastes off, don’t be afraid to ask your server about it. Although they’re simple steps, they’ll help Guests stay safe while visiting the Most Magical Place on Earth on your Disney vacation!

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