Disney Character Narrowly Avoids Giving ‘the Talk’ During Popular EPCOT Show

Between Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT, Walt Disney World is filled with memorable character interactions and entertaining live shows.

But out of all the Disney Parks, only one is home to the best combination of the two: EPCOT.

Credit: Disney

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The unique Walt Disney World theme park is home to the World Showcase, World Celebration, World Discovery, and World Nature.

In World Nature lies Turtle Talk With Crush, one of the most entertaining shows in all of the Disney Parks.

Turtle talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

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Turtle Talk With Crush is interactive and live, dazzling audiences with its innovation. The attraction consists of Guests watching and listening as Crush the Turtle, from the Finding Nemo franchise, asks and answers questions. It’s worth noting that this show is primarily interactive with the younger Guests.

However, World Nature’s Turtle Talk With Crush narrowly avoided disaster recently when one member of the audience asked an…awkward question, to say the least:


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In this video, one Guest asks Crush, “Who made you?

To which, Crush answers, “My parents. I won’t tell you the secrets of it, you don’t need to learn from a turtle, but yeah, both of your parents are involved.”

Meanwhile, the audience is losing their mind and succumbing to the giggles.

Turtle Talk with Crush

Credit: Disney

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Turtle Talk With Crush can be found in the SeaBase in World Nature. The SeaBase also houses The Seas With Nemo & Friends, a slow-moving dark ride taking Guests into the world of Finding Nemo.

The show is approximately 15 minutes long and is constantly running, so there’s always a chance to catch Turtle Talk With Crush!

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