Guest Gets Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Performers to Break Character During Meet-and-Greet With This Joke

Credit: Disney

Fans of the Walt Disney Animation film Tangled (2011) will know that it tells the age-old Germain fairy tale of Rapunzel, the girl with the long golden hair.


Credit: Disney

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In Disney’s adaptation of the Rapunzel fairy tale (starring Mandy Moore as the long-haired princess herself), the princess’s magnificent long hair actually has magical healing powers, which keep Mother Gothel young and beautiful as long as she sings the ‘Healing Incantation.’

Rapunzel’s adorable and as sweet as can be, if a little naive from living in a tower away from the outside world for her entire life. In short, she’s a great princess, and many fans love to meet her and her dashing prince, Flynn Rider, when they visit Walt Disney World.

Credit: Disney

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When meeting any Disney Princess, the actresses portraying them do their best to emulate the beloved character. This usually means making references to their films. When it comes to meeting Ariel, she may ask about your gadgets and gizmos or reference a dinglehopper.

Ariel's Grotto

Credit: Disney

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When it comes to meeting Jasmine, she may talk about going for an enchanted carpet ride with Aladdin.

When it comes to Rapunzel, she may ask what your dream is, as it was a big part of the film. However, one Guest beat Rapunzel to the question and even made the actors break character when she said this:


I mean honeslty #rapunzel

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It takes a lot for actors and actresses at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort to break character like this. But this Guest was able to do it!

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