Former Disney Princess Shares Harrowing Experience Working as a Character Performer

Walt Disney World is the Most Magical Place on Earth, with Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. Each Disney Park is full of face characters walking around, dancing in shows, sitting on top of parade floats, and interacting with Guests the entire time.

But the magic has to end somewhere, and unfortunately, life isn’t like a Disney movie. In real life, the Evil Queen and Mother Gothel aren’t as easily conquered…

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The movies released during the Disney Renaissance make up some of the most popular out of all of Walt Disney Pictures’ filmography, especially when it comes to young girls. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin (1992) and Princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid (1989) are among the most iconic Disney characters, making them fan favorites.

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Even Disney Princesses from other eras, such as Princess Aurora and Princess Tiana, are incredibly popular. In short, Disney Princesses are well-beloved by many fans, and Disney wouldn’t be what it is without them.

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Unfortunately, the Walt Disney Company doesn’t always create a welcoming environment for the talented actresses portraying them in the theme parks, despite their tremendous impact on Guests’ visits.

One of the former character performers recently took to social media, describing her experience working at Walt Disney World as a Disney Princess, and it was genuinely harrowing…


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TikTok user @hunterhaag describes the experience as “physically and mentally exhausting,” “traumatic,” and more.

The next time you meet a Disney Princess at Walt Disney World, be sure to be extra sweet to them! The actresses portraying them are under intense pressure to deliver a good experience.

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