This Heartwarming Clip of EPCOT’s Newest Beacons of Light Show Is Sure to Brighten Your Day

Last year, we reported on a new Beacons of Light show inspired by The Muppets. Earlier this month, we reported on this year’s International Festival of the Arts Beacons of Light, which is inspired by Figment. However, this year’s light show includes the most heartwarming reference to The Muppets of all: Rainbow Connection.

Rainbow Connection was such a hit, it has returned this year and can be seen during Figment’s Beacons of Light show.

Beacons of Magic

Credit: Disney

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The Beacons of Light are new projections that have been added to all four Walt Disney World Resorts: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and EPCOT. These light shows were initially added to commemorate the Most Magical Celebration on Earth (the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World).

Credit: PaulaK

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However, during the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts, Spaceship Earth lights up with an entirely different Beacon of Magic. This light show is dazzling and is meant to spark creativity and imagination. But if it makes you tear up, you’re not alone because this Beacon of Magic is incredibly moving and inspiring.


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In this short video, we can see the spectacular lights as they transform the exterior of the Spaceship Earth attraction. We can also hear a chorus singing “Rainbow Connection,” which is undeniably one of the sweetest songs around. You can also see many Guests swaying and embracing during the show. No wonder so many people are moved to tears by this Beacon of Magic!

Credit: Disney

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The EPCOT International Festival of the Arts began on January 13 and will run until February 20, so be sure to give the Disney Park a visit soon if you want to see this excellent Beacon of Magic in person.

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