Popular Night Show Returns at Walt Disney World

EPCOT at Night
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There’s no better way to end a day at Walt Disney World Resort than with an amazing nighttime show. Whether visiting the Magic Kingdom Park, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, or Animal Kingdom, each place offers something unique and truly magical. The experiences are often a fantastic way to top off a day – even if you’re tired, hot, and ready to sleep for 12 hours.

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Be Our Guest

beacons of light at EPCOT spaceship earth

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As part of EPCOT’s Annual Food and Wine Festival, Disney is bringing back the “Be Our Guest” Spectacle of Light show on Spaceship Earth. The return of the classic show features a colored display on Spaceship Earth as Lumiere sings “Be Our Guest.” The lights of Spaceship Earth cycle through a variety of colors, creating a display set to synchronize with the classic song from Beauty and the Beast (1991).

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Beacon of Light

Since the lights on Spaceship Earth were installed in 2021, EPCOT has hosted a variety of differently themed shows, including the original “Beacons of Magic,” “Rainbow Connection” during the Festival of the Arts in 2022, and a Frozen-themed show for the International Festival of the Holidays in 2022.

Spaceship Earth EPCOT

Credit: Disney

Other versions included a Figment-themed Beacon of Light Show earlier this year that featured music from the original Journey into Imagination attraction and an Encanto-themed show set to songs from the popular movie from 2021. It seemed EPCOT was aiming to create a new show for every festival, but the 2023 Food and Wine Festival may be an exception.

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The lights were installed as part of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort. Similar lighting was also installed at other park icons (Cinderella Castle, Tower of Tower at Hollywood Studios, and the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom).

Four Disney Parks at Beacons of Magic

Credit: Disney

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival runs from July 27 through November 18 and features multiple concerts, unique food offerings, and unique events.

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