New Report Claims Disney’s “Destroying” Our Kids With WOKENESS

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For the most part, the general public has positive thoughts about Disney. After all, who could be angry at the company that brought Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort to life?

Who could look at Mickey Mouse and still be angry? Well, the politically inclined would, to be quite frank. Both the left and the right-leaning audiences have critiques and criticisms of the Walt Disney Company in entirely different ways.

Disney Has Angered Both the Left and the Right, In Entirely Different Ways

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Typically, the left openly criticizes the Walt Disney Company for its financial practices. Subjecting cast members to long, exhausting days without paying them a fair wage while simultaneously being one of the most powerful and influential companies around hasn’t stuck well with the liberal crowd.

Meanwhile, Disney quickly and hungrily purchases competing companies, contributing to the lack of diversity in the kind of art being made. According to the argument, every movie, song, and TV show will end up mirroring each other if it’s all traced back to the same company.

On the other hand, the right usually criticizes the Walt Disney Company’s social practices.

While the Left Criticizes Disney For Its Internal Practices, the Right Critiques Its External Output

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Like most companies, Disney prioritizes public relations. For something with as much longevity as Disney, that means coming out on the correct side of history.

As Disney learns from its own mistakes and takes the socially progressive path, the right quickly condemns these attempts, labeling them as “woke” at every chance.

One recent report thinks Disney has become so woke that it’s actively “destroying” the children.

The Walt Disney Company Is “Destroying” the Children, According to One Report

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The report begins with Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), digging into the fact that the leading lady (Rachel Zegler) isn’t white but Latina. Unsurprisingly, the report also condemns the live-action version of The Little Mermaid (2023) for the same reason.

In short, the lengthy report criticizes everything from Disney’s decision to update its classic fairytales to statements actresses like Melissa McCarthy (Ursula the Sea Witch) and Rachel Zegler (Snow White) have made.

The report concludes that Disney’s failing financially as a result of its recent woke practices…But that may not be entirely true. While Disney may not be in a great financial spot right now (due to ongoing lawsuits and low stock prices), it doesn’t seem that they’ve lost the battle, entirely. In fact, nearly all signs point to the Walt Disney Company winning, ‘wokeness’ and all.

Times Are Changing, Whether We Like It or Not…

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It’s no secret that the times are changing, and the Walt Disney Company is changing with them. After all, Disney has lasted this long, and we have no doubt that CEO Bob Iger and the rest of the Walt Disney Company intend for it to last even longer.

As a result, the company is willing to adapt and evolve, even at the risk of being called ‘woke’ for doing so.

What do you think of the Walt Disney Company’s recent decisions? Do you think Disney’s newest ideals are destroying the children?  

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