Sick of “Woke Disney?” Try This Biblical Entertainment Alternative

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For the past few years, the Walt Disney Company has faced massive criticism for being too “woke.” The general consensus from some customers is that Disney has drifted too far leftwards with their ideology and abandoned the “wholesome” values it once fervently upheld.

Over the last few years, Disney has made an effort to become a champion for diversity and inclusion. CEO Bob Iger has made it clear that Disney will be maintaining their new ideology. Disney has done this by including stories that share a broader range of identities. This has been a hit for some fans and a hindrance for others. Many have felt so furious with the Walt Disney Company that they have decided to boycott the Disney theme Parks and movies.

A Disney competitor has caught wind of these boycotts and has made their bid to attract Disney’s lost customers.

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Logos Theatre Opposes Disney’s Woke Ideology

The Logos Theatre, located in the town of Taylors, South Carolina, is known for its productions based on biblical stories and Christian values. The theatre has a history of numerous successful theatrical productions. Now, it is also gaining attention for its stance against Disney’s woke ideology. The theatre’s founder, Nicole Stratton, has openly criticized Disney for embracing identity politics and political correctness.

Stratton believes that now is a dark time for parents hoping to expose their children to wholesome, family-friendly entertainment with no ulterior agendas. In a recent interview with the Lighthouse Faith podcast, she explains;

“We’re realizing God has raised us up at such a time as this.”

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The Logos Theatre is not the only institution calling out Disney’s ideology. For the past few months, the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have been at each other’s throats because of their political differences. Disney CEO Bob Iger has made it clear that he is allowed to use his constitutional rights to share his political feelings and opinions with the world.

The Logos Theatre is doing incredible theatrical work; its productions look phenomenal. However, their bid to replace the Disney Parks is far-fetched. From a production standpoint, the theatre does not even begin to compete with Disney. Regardless of the pushback on Disney’s new political stances, the company will continue flourishing thanks to its community of millions of fans.

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