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iron man tony start robert downey jr 2008 marvel studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. has a long history in Hollywood. After decades in the spotlight, very few characters he has played are more iconic than Tony Stark/ Iron Man. He portrayed that character in nine Marvel Universe films (more if you count end-credit cameo scenes).

robert downey jr says shaggy dog disney nad dolittle more important than avengers iron man movies marvel studios

Credit: Marvel Studios

Vanity Fair Interview

The famous actor sat down to provide an interview with Vanity Fair, where he discussed his career at length. The conversation covers his days as a child actor to his latest role in Oppenheimer (2023).

robert downey jr says shaggy dog disney nad dolittle more important than avengers iron man movies marvel studios

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The Iron Man Movie

When discussing Iron Man (2008), Robert Downey Jr. opens up about working with actor and director Jon Favreau, who pushed him to play the part of Tony Stark and don the Iron Man suit. It’s likely that neither of the two men knew at the time that the movie – and the subsequent MCU series would blow up to be one of the biggest franchises ever in the history of cinema. In 2008, Robert Downey Jr. was a controversial choice in casting, and Jon Favreau (below right) had a recent string of flops.

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“I think we were both really hungry to try to reestablish ourselves as a formidable duo, albeit individually,” Robert Downey Jr. said. He also discussed having a lot of chemistry with other actors in the film, particularly Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges.

A Return of Tony Stark?

Although many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well as fans of Robert Downey Jr., would love to see the iconic actor suit up again for another Iron Man movie, this is not addressed in the interview. In fact, Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t talk about his role in the Avengers franchise or the MCU as a whole – focusing primarily on the first Iron Man (2008) film. However, this could just be how the interview was edited.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

The entire 23-minute interview is shared below:


It is worth noting that this interview predates the SAG AFTRA strike (which prohibits actors from promoting the film).

Fans of Robert Downey Jr. can watch him in the new movie Oppenheimer (2023).

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