‘Deadpool 3’ May Bring Back a Very Dangerous MCU Villain

'Deadpool 3' May Bring Back a Very Dangerous MCU Villain
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It’s time to make the chimichangas! Deadpool 3 is on his way to theatres, bringing the ultimate MCU villain with him.

Rumors are swirling about one particular Marvel project. No, it isn’t another¬†Avengers¬†movie (not yet, at least). It’s not a new Disney+ show, either. Instead, it’s the third installment of everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed antihero, Deadpool! As you’ve probably heard, Ryan Reynolds has once again donned the red suit (not the brown pants), bringing the immature but incredibly witty mercenary back to theatres. This time, Deadpool is bringing friends with him. Although we can probably expect the X-Force (or what’s left of them anyhow); instead of The Vanquisher (Terry Crews)or Peter; Reynolds, Josh Brolin, and Zazie Beetz are dragging along Hugh Jackman as X-Men’s Wolverine.

The MCU Is in Chaos; Deadpool 3 is the Answer

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Recent MCU projects have left fans feeling “meh” about the franchise’s direction after¬†Avengers: End Game¬†(2019). Projects like¬†She-Hulk¬†and¬†Ms Marvel¬†aren’t quite checking the boxes. To be fair, they’ve got big shoes to fill, and Marvel fans aren’t an easy bunch to keep happy. *Breaks the fourth wall* I know what you’re thinking. “Deadpool” isn’t in the MCU; they haven’t crossed over yet, buttercup.” Well, I’d argue that they have. Maybe not so much in the first Deadpool (2016) film, but definitely in the second. Reynolds makes a few references to the Avengers Saga, including attempting to put Juggernaut to sleep with a lullaby and calling Cable by the name of Thanos (we’ll get back to this later).

As the MCU remains a strung-out mess, with little connection between shows and films, one thing is for sure; the Multiverse has opened the door to endless possibilities. Still don’t believe me? Let’s ask Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (2022), shall we? If you haven’t seen the film yet, there are spoilers ahead, so here’s your warning; however, I have to ask, what are you doing with your life? While Dr. Strange takes up a fight against Wanda (Scarlett Witch), he meets a Multiverse traveling being, and ridiculous ensues. During his time-altering travels, he finds himself at the helm of the Illuminati. No, not the one behind Kanye West. The one in charge of ensuring the multiversal timeline stays clean. There he meets Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) of the X-Men.

Deadpool is an X-Person, Well…Sorta

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Are you starting to put the pieces together yet? Not only does Deadpool work alongside, although begrudgingly, X-men in his movies, he actually becomes one at a certain point. Oh, sorry; he becomes an X-man trainee. Working alongside Colossus and NegaSonic Teenage-wathchamacalit, Deadpool takes on “Francis” in his first film and Juggernaut in the second (we’ll talk about this later too-how fun is foreshadowing?). As the X-men have been loosely introduced to the MCU through Professor Xavier and Doctor Strange, and Deadpool is well aware of the existence of the Avengers, they are somehow part of the same story.

There’s also a minuscule yet critical detail we’ve yet to mention. The X-Men are officially on their way to the MCU. At least, that’s the rumor on the street. Oh yeah, remember when we mentioned earlier that Deadpool 3 will include a well-known MCU villain along with Wolverine? Get ready..3…2…1…it’s MODOK from Antman and the Wasp: Quantumania! Just kidding. Actually, it’s Thanos! Not kidding this time.

Thanos in Deadpool 3

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The re-emergence of Thanos in Deadpool 3 may be confusing and unwarranted to some as the character’s arch was brought to an end by the hands of Thor. Honestly, I can understand their complaint. I’m only providing the evidence that it’s possible, but in my honest opinion, not probable. Marvel fans, more specifically Marvel blog content, make a living making audacious claims about what’s coming next. 99% of the time, they’re wrong. Remember when the internet was convinced Tom Cruise was going to play a variant of Iron Man in Doctor Strange 2? I sure do.

However, it would be plausible for Brolin to play Cable and Thanos in the same film. Ryan Reynolds not only plays the lead character in Deadpool 2 but also voices one of its antagonists, Juggernaut (brother of Professor Xavier). As Thanos is a CGI character, bringing him back on screen with Brolin as Cable could work. However, despite our pleas that Deadpool has already been introduced to the MCU, it would only do a little to carry the overall storyline forward. It would provide a few laugh-inducing one-liners from Ryan Reynolds, however. 

Fans Aren’t Buying It, Suggest a Different Familiar Villain

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Before Thanos, there was Ultron. The product of a science experiment gone wrong, Ultron was created by Bruce Banner (Hulk) and Tony Stark after securing an Infinity Stone from Loki. The all-knowing computer program was much like Thanos in that he felt humans had been a plague on their planet, and it was time to extinguish them. Unlike Thanos, Ultron didn’t plan to keep half of them alive. Many fans are suggesting that Ultron, not Thanos, will find his way to¬†Deadpool 3. It’s difficult to say as James Spader (voice of Ultron) has had little to do with the MCU since¬†Avengers: Age of Ultron¬†(2015).

It remains to be seen what will happen in¬†Deadpool 3. We know that Hugh Jackman will bring Wolverine back to Marvel, but that’s about it. As fans like to guess what comes next, we’re sure this won’t be the last rumor that makes its way around the internet before the movie hits theatres in May of 2024. One thing is sure though, with Reynolds at the helm once more, the newest Deadpool film will definitely be a hilariously naughty watch.

“Maximum Effort!”

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