First Look: See Hugh Jackman Return As Marvel-Favorite Wolverine in “Deadpool 3”

First Look: Hugh Jackman Returns As Marvel-Favorite Wolverine in "Deadpool 3"
Credit: Marvel/ Canva

Marvel fans rejoice; the time is near! It’s been six excruciating years since we’ve seen Hugh Jackman take on the role of Wolverine. Fox’s Logan left fans wondering what would happen to the clawed X-men member with a bad attitude. Luckily, we got our answer a few months ago when Jackman appeared alongside Ryan Reynolds to announce that Wolverine would make his way to the Deadpool franchise. The short promo from Marvel Studios gave it away as Ryan Reynolds plainly asked Hugh Jackman if he wanted to appear in the next Deadpool film. The answer from Jackman and all Deadpool/ X-men fans was a resounding “Yes!”

Wolverine is easily the most recognizable X-men character. Making his film debut alongside the other mutant heroes in Bryan Singer’s 2000 X-Men, Hugh Jackman was a perfect fit for Wolverine compared to his comic-based counterpart. However, something was noticeably missing from the character. Jackman had played Wolverine throughout nine films but never donned the traditional black and yellow suit made famous in the comics and X-Men: The Animated Series.

All of that may change as leaked set photos have given us our first look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 3. Fans, who weren’t familiar with Deadpool, immediately fell in love with Reynold’s portrayal of the foul-mouthed anti-hero when he debuted in 2016. Deadpool’s smashing success directly led to a sequel highlighting his relationship with other popular X-men characters like Cable (Josh Brolin). Despite Deadpool’s success, fans have demanded Wolverine and Deadpool reunite on film. The two have a storied comic book history, and given the opposing attributes of both characters, seeing them interact on screen is guaranteed gold.

Photos: Fans finally get Wolverine in the yellow suit!

Credit: Marvel/ Canva

Not only are fans getting what they asked for as Hugh Jackman will bring the famous character of Wolverine back to life in the new Deadpool film, but Marvel has also listened, and Jackman will don the traditional black and yellow suit! Diehard fans may remember that Marvel hinted at Wolverine getting his classic yellow suit at the end of The Wolverine (2013). It’s been ten years since Marvel teased us, and we’ll finally see Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine rocking the comic-accurate costume!

This is exciting as Disney recently required Deadpool and the X-men when they bought out 20th Century Fox in 2019. Fans have pondered how both properties would be introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe alongside characters like Thor, Spiderman, and the Hulk. As both Deadpool and Wolverine have a storied history alongside the Avengers in the comics, it goes without saying their introduction to the MCU universe will happen at some point. Besides, fans had already seen a version of another popular X-men character make his way to the MCU when Patrick Stewart returned as Professor Xavier in Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. 

Deadpool 3

Credit: Marvel

As Deadpool recently started filming, photos show Hugh Jackman decked out in that famous yellow suit alongside everyone’s favorite witty, yet immature, mercenary. As Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are close friends off-screen, their chemistry will make the film as hilarious as the first two Deadpool movies. There have also been ramblings of Jennifer Garner returning to bring Elektra to Deadpool 3. The newest Deadpool film will release in May of 2024! 


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