Clock Strikes 10 On Popular Disney World Hall!

Cinderella themed windows at Magic Kingdom's Princess Fairytale Hall
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The Disney Parks are always in a state of renovation, refreshment, and exciting updates. Just this month, fans clamored over the confirmation of new character meet and greets, upcoming attractions and shows, an expansion to Animal Kingdom Theme Park, and Disney Cruise Line even released details about two new ships! One successful addition to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom was met with similar excitement upon its announcement, and now it’s already turning ten years old.

Yep! Happy tenth anniversary to Fantasyland’s Princess Fairytale Hall, which in 2013 replaced Snow White’s Scary Adventures.

A Home for Every Princess Fairytale

Walt Disney World's Princess Fairytale Hall entrance in Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney

Tucked behind Cinderella Castle, next to Prince Charming Regal Carousel, Princess Fairytale Hall serves as an unmatched Disney Princess meet-and-greet location. The attraction itself is a beautifully themed hall designed to resemble a royal palace, which is storied to be a “gift from the King to Cinderella and acts as a place where she and other princesses can greet subjects.

Guests enter through a lovely courtyard before proceeding into the reception area. As they wait in line, they can admire ornate portraits and tapestries depicting Disney Princess stories, with architecture that feels like the interior of the castle itself. Upon reaching the main hall, guests are greeted by the princesses, who engage in conversations, sign autographs, and pose for photos. The princesses are always in character, making each interaction feel magical and immersive for guests of all ages.

Portraits of Disney Princesses in Princess Fairytale Hall

Credit: @princessMayabug/ X

Lightning Lane (through Disney Genie+) is available for this attraction, allowing guests to reserve a time slot and reduce their wait time, though there are two separate sides depending on which visiting princess duo you’d like to meet. Disney PotoPass photographers are almost always present to capture professional photos of the interactions.

The Visiting Princess Line-Up at Fairytale Hall

The princesses at Princess Fairytale Hall may vary, but Cinderella is almost guaranteed to be there every day! The Hall is split into two separate lines, each ending with two sets of princesses. Outside the entrance, a sign will display which pair of characters are meeting in which section that day.

Right now, the consistent lineup seems to house Cinderella and Princess Elena of Alvador on one side and Rapunzel and Princess Tiana on the other. Sometimes, however, they’ll be a surprise character in one room. In this case, a generic gold crown will appear in one slot on the entry sign, indicating a “visiting princess.”

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa meet in Princess Fairytale Hall

Credit: Disney Dining

This may include anyone from Princess Aurora to Snow White or even Princess Jasmine. While Princess Merida and Mulan have been known to show up in Princess Fairytale Hall from time to time, they are rare occurrences. Princess Ariel or Belle could also appear, but they will be easier to find in the Grotto or Enchanted Tales, respectively. While Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were Hall staples from 2014 to 2016, they have moved back to EPCOT, meeting in the Norway Pavilion’s Royal Sommerhus, and no longer appear in Fairytale Hall.

Often, princesses meet with their princes during the ticketed event Mickey’s Very Mery Christmas Party!

It seems like just yesterday when Princess Fairytale Hall was an exciting Disney Princess update coming to Magic Kingdom Park. Thousands of magical moments and realized dreams have made guests’ Disney experience in this character location, and it doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon.

Have you been to Fairytale Hall in the past decade? What was the most surprising character you ended up meeting there?

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