No, Cinderella Castle Isn’t Going Anywhere

Cinderella Castle at Night
Credit: Disney

There’s a rumor flying around the Disney fandom. One so incredible, so outlandish, so unbelievable that we aren’t surprised by it at all. After all, the most ludicrous rumors are the most fun to repeat, right? Except this one…defies imagination. Is Cinderella Castle being torn down after Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary? Of course not. That hasn’t stopped some people from believing it though.

Rumors like this swirl from time to time in the Disney community. This time around, however, the rumor apparently began on a satire Disney news website. “A huge Disney announcement just broke that they would be removing Cinderella Castle from the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. No longer will you walk down Main Street USA and see the towering castle. This announcement seemingly came out of nowhere. There was no indication prior to this announcement that Cinderella Castle would be removed. In fact, most people assumed the castle would never be removed or replaced given how iconic it is for Disney,” they claimed.

The site does not attempt to hide that it is satire. Their website states, “The Mouse Trap is the leading Disney satire news. Sharing the most up to date fake Disney news.” Meanwhile their Instagram page states that they are “The Onion of Disney News”.

That, however, didn’t stop people from believing the rumor. Many took to social media to express disbelief, anger, or sadness. Some simply asked if the rumor was true.

Cinderella castle removed

Credit: Facebook

Never fear. The beloved icon is not going anywhere. Cinderella Castle, easily Disney’a the most recognizable structure, is here to stay. Now Will it keep its current paint scheme? That remains to be seen. We kind of hope so. Despite being unsure of it at first, it’s grown on us.

Cinderella castle

Credit: Disney

The rumor spread like wildfire and became so pervasive that snopes even debunked it. You can rest easy though, Disney Fans, this is one rumor that is absolutely false.

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