FIGMENT Is Getting a Meet and Greet, and It’s Opening Much Sooner Than We Thought!

figment EPCOT
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When we think of Disney, we often conjure images of beloved characters, enchanting princess tales, and magical kingdoms. However, one often overlooked gem at Walt Disney World Resort is the unique and imaginative character known as Figment.

Figment is a small, purple dragon with a mischievous personality who serves as a guide through the wonders of the human mind. Figment can be found in the Imagination Pavilion at EPCOT, one of the four theme parks that make up Walt Disney World Resort.

While the world may not know his name, he is a true A-list celebrity to Disney fans.


Credit: Disney

Figment Fanatics Are Gonna Love This!

Figment’s fanbase has completely exploded over the past couple of years. His nostalgic element, mixed with the fact that he is a Walt Disney World original character, makes him very important to a lot of fans. Disney has not always registered the love that fans have for Figment, but that shift began to happen last year with the sale of his Popcorn bucket.

When Disney released the Figment Popcorn bucked, fans lost their minds. Lines stretched through all the Parks in the hot Florida sun just to grab one of these coveted accessories. The resale market on these also blew up, with people selling these buckets for massive upcharges.

Disney World Figment popcorn bucket

Credit: Disney

Meet and Greet Finally Arrives

Earlier this year, Disney announced the thrilling news that Figment would be receiving his own meet and greet in EPCOT. Fans will finally be able to hug and interact with this beloved character. At today’s D23 presentation, fans were treated to a viewing of what Figment will look like, and they also received the best news possible.


The Figment meet and greet is starting tomorrow, September 10! This is much sooner than fans were originally anticipating, and the fandom is certainly delighted at this news.

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