Lizzo, Jack Black, and One More Star Randomly Join the ‘Star Wars’ Universe

Lizzo, Black, And ?

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season three, episode six, BUT scroll to the bottom of the article for a fun, spoiler-free treat!

If you had three guesses as to what celebrities made cameos on the most recent episode of The Mandalorian, chances are you would guess wrong. Harrison Ford? Bella Ramsey? Johnny Depp? Nope.

The Mandalorian


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None other than the wildly popular singer Lizzo, and hilarious actor Jack Black, popped up on Disney+ in the April 5 episode entitled “Chapter 22: Guns for Hire.” Lizzo and Black play Duchess and Captain Bombardier, respectively, of a Plazir-15, a planet whose droids are employed to do everything for the citizens but recently have been acting out. The people of this planet vote for their officials and are wealthy despite not working, and now their droids are getting out of line.

Jack Black and Lizzo need help Mando!

Lizzo and Jack Black on The Mandalorian


The episode unravels like a detective mystery until it’s revealed that Christopher Lloyd is behind the whole droid dissent! Back to the Future and, like a million other things, Christopher Lloyd. This episode went off the rails in terms of casting, and the audience was living for it. Lloyd’s involvement in the series was teased during season three of The Mandalorian’s production, but fans did not know what to expect.

BuzzFeed cited some of the best reactions on Twitter, and here are my favorites:


2) i need the whole outfit. i need graphic t-shirts with her on them. i need a tote bag. i need stickers. i need an action figure. i need a funko pop. i need a full wookiepedia page on her. i need a spin-off series. i need her in animated form and live action again. #TheMandalorian

3) lizzo, jack black, and christopher lloyd all in one episode? the best unexpected cameos

4) I don’t know how many people are still watching #TheMandalorian. But I feel like more people need to know that at one point in the latest episode, Lizzo scratches Grogu’s head like he’s a tiny little cat

Please take this time to remember Lizzo’s 2021 Halloween costume. Is this why she got the job??

Lizzo As Grogu

Credit: 2021 Michael Kovac

Recent Star Wars narratives have taken a viewership hit, but this surprise feels like a good-will effort that will win some fans back. Hopefully fans will come back for the cameos and stay for Pedro Pascal’s expert storytelling as Din Djarin and more episodes like this, directed by Bryce Dallas Howard. So much talent in one universe.

Wait, here’s one more tweet that actually is my favorite.

**SPOILER-FREE TREAT** If you Google “The Mandalorian,” Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda) will appear in the bottom right corner. If you click him, he will move your browser page with The Force! So cute!!

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