Lamppost Breaks and Falls Into Street at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Broken Lamppost Hollywood Studios
Credit: Brynn Walter-Schreader

When Guests visit Walt Disney World Resort, they are whisked away to a magical place where they can meet princesses, dine in castles, and stay in fantastical hotel rooms that allow them to sit on their balcony and watch giraffes roam. For many, Walt Disney World Resort is a place where nothing bad can happen, but it is still in the real world, filled with real people, and real problems.

Guests visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios recently saw just how real — and potentially dangerous — those real-world problems can get.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Toy Story Land

Credit: Disney

Brynn Walter-Schreader was one of those Guests visiting Hollywood Studios when she saw something unexpected and shocking. Just after the turnstiles that get you into the theme park, a large lamppost was lying on the ground, surrounded by shattered glass. The lamppost had broken off of its base and crashed to the ground, right in the middle of the street where Guests walk to make their way to other parts of the popular theme park. Cast Members surrounded the lamppost and shattered glass to protect Guests and prevent them from walking over it.

Broken Lamppost

Credit: Brynn Walter-Schreader

As you can see from the above picture, the lamppost didn’t break from the bottom of its base — it broke above the base, so who knows how long the post has been wearing away and weakening.

Not far from the lamppost was a shattered lampshade, which broke and rolled away from the lamppost when it hit the ground. Thankfully, according to Walter-Schreader, no one was hurt when the lamppost crashed.

Broken Lamppost Hollywood Studios

Credit: Brynn Walter-Schreader

According to various reports, the lamppost has either been replaced or repaired, and it is back up, lighting the way for Guests entering the Park.

This is not the first time in the past couple of months that something major has broken during Park hours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In late September, the facade of Keystone Clothiers — which is located right on Hollywood Boulevard — collapsed. Luckily, no one was injured in that incident either.

To many, these collapses, in which someone could have been seriously hurt, are simply one more way that Disney is losing its magic, charging people more for less, and neglecting the Parks.

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