A Guest Made a List of Everything Broken On Splash Mountain, And It Is Extensive

Splash Mountain broken
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Every day, Disney attractions undergo an incredible amount of wear and tear. Disney does its best to keep the attractions up and running, but refurbishments are always necessary. Disney typically tries to schedule major refurbishments for times that the theme parks are not as busy, that way the rides are good to go during peak seasons. However, sometimes things happen, and smaller refurbishments are required on an unscheduled basis. Other times, small things go down on the attraction before a refurbishment can be done.

Closed for refurbishment

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Twitter user Disney Glimpses recently visited Walt Disney World and went to Magic Kingdom Park. While there, they decided to ride the iconic attraction, Splash Mountain. However, they put a twist on this ride by making a list of everything that was broken or not working on the ride. It may not be surprising when one or two things are down, but the list Disney Glimpses made was shockingly long.


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Take a look below at the massive list they shared on Twitter:

Broken Splash Mountain

Credit: Disney Glimpses Twitter

While some may find this list shocking, others commented that they are not surprised, as they feel Disney no longer cares about the attractions the way they used to. We recently reported that Guests were evacuated from Splash Mountain when one of the logs filled with water and sank while they were on it. Guests have claimed that Disney only cares about making money, and as long as Guests go to the Parks and give Disney money, Disney won’t really care about fixing what is broken. Those claims have become more frequent ever since Bob Chapek took over as CEO of The Walt Disney Company in 2020.

Bob Chapek

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Several people commented on the Twitter post about their own experiences with going on Disney Park rides that had a lot of broken elements. More than one person said that the Dinosaur ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom constantly has things on it that are not working. Another commenter said that they recently rodeĀ Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and multiple effects were down. Twitter user Jimmy Farrington shared a video of their own experience riding Splash Mountain, where nearly all the water effects were not on.

No but forreal! Recently they didnt have ANY water effects on

Some commentators thought that Disney is not rushing to fix Splash Mountain because the ride is scheduled to undergo a massiveĀ Princess and the FrogĀ retheme. Disney announced the retheme — which will happen at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort — back in 2020. However, they have not shared when the retheme will begin or when they plan to have the retheme completed.

Splash Mountain to Princess and the Frog

Credit: Disney

Rides and theme park attractions are not the only things Guests believe Disney is neglecting. Guests have frequently complained about prices of food across the Parks increasing, while the quality seems to be decreasing. Disney has said that the supply chain crisis — which happened earlier this year — did affect the food that they served. Disney has also made statements about decreasing portion size in order to maximize profits.

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