Are Supply Chain Issues Affecting Disney World’s Dining Experiences?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us in a number of ways. Tens of millions are people are getting sick, some countries are struggling to get their citizens vaccinated, and vaccine and mask protocols have caused people to act out in ways they normally wouldn’t. In addition to that, the increased demand for a number of household items has wreaked havoc on the global supply chain. Ships are backed up, and in many cases, companies cannot make the desired products fast enough. This has led to empty shelves and some supermarkets being unable to keep their shelves stocked.

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It seems that the global supply chain crisis has even managed to find its way to the Most Magical Place on Earth, with restaurants on property feeling a direct hit. Recently, Redditor FratagoniaSG shared that he had recently dined at The Rainforest Café in Animal Kingdom Park and Chefs de France in EPCOT and both experiences were less than stellar.

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FratagoniaSG wrote:

Went to Chef de France at Epcot for lunch. Charcuterie plate used to be on an actual board and was just better quality in general. Now they throw a couple things together on a plate and it just looks and tastes cheap yet it’s like $17. I don’t mind paying higher prices but why is the quality lesser? I may be wrong but I also thing options have been removed from the menu over the years.

Noticed at rainforest cafe at animal kingdom they got rid of the cedar plank salmon which was great and just replaced it with shrimp and salmon which was average. Idk if that applies to other rainforest cafes but I have noticed just an overall lack of quality at Disney compared to years past. Does anyone else agree with this sentiment and what is the explanation? Prices going up, quality going down.

Outside of food it’s hard to describe to someone unless they go. I feel like Disney is just trying to make everything less convenient.

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Many users were quick to jump in and comment that Disney was having issues with getting the supplies they need, much like the rest of the country. AfterTheNightIWakeUp said:

Supply issues, which are hitting everywhere. Many restaurants in and outside Disney are having trouble getting ingredients from suppliers. Add to that staffing issues meaning they are likely understaffed, and possibly dealing with less experienced chefs and kitchen staff.

This comment prompted a response from FratagoniaSG, who stated that a manager had come around to their table and seemed to know exactly what Fratagonia was talking about when it came to the issues with the food.

Yeah I talked to one of the managers (he was going table to table) and it was like preaching to the choir. He was really good and gave me a better understanding of what they’re dealing with on his end/why things are the way they are. My real beef is with Disney choosing to charge more money when they don’t need it this corporation has more money then they’ll ever know what to do with. But I understand that’s not on the staff

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Many commented that they understood that Disney may be having issues with getting the food (and the higher quality food) that they normally use, but if they can’t give Guests what they are supposed to, then they should lower the price of the food until things are back to normal.

Others responded that they had dined at Walt Disney World recently and didn’t have any issues with their food. With this supply chain crisis, it seems to be luck of the draw whether Guests receive the food they have come to love and expect from Disney.

Have you eaten at a Walt Disney World restaurant recently? What did you think of the quality of the experience?

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