Disney Is Becoming More and More Obvious With Its Smaller Portions

Disneyland Pizza Size
Credit: (L) Disney / (R) Sam Carter Twitter

At this point, almost all Disney fans know that Disney has actively been working on how to spend less at their theme parks. Walt Disney Co. CFO Christine McCarthy said that the company is always looking at ways to cut costs — even as the company reports record profits for the Parks. McCarthy has said that Disney is looking at things like changing vendors, and even cutting portion sizes. That idea was followed by a comment that the smaller portion sizes would be beneficial to some Guests’ “waistlines”.

Columbia Harbor House Lobster Roll

Credit: Marlene S.R. via Inside the Magic

Even though Disney has not officially said that they have started cutting portion sizes, more and more Guests are receiving meals at the Parks that are way below the standard that they have come to expect from Disney. We have seen smaller portions of french fries at Animal Kingdom, and a lobster roll at Columbia Harbor House that many considered laughable. There was also an instance where a Guest paid almost $15 for a small bowl of pasta with virtually no sauce.

Small Pasta Portion

Credit: Chemg11 Reddit

Now the smaller portions seem to have made their way to the West Coast. Sam Carter — a designer and artist — frequently visits Disneyland Resort. He frequently posts about his time at The Happiest Place on Earth. He recently visited the Parks and decided to stop for a bite to eat at the recently reopened Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta — a quick-service location — in Disney California Adventure Park.

California Adventure

Credit: Disney

Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta has a reputation at Disneyland Resort for serving yummy dishes that leave Guests feeling satisfied and ready to go back on their favorite rides. Unfortunately, that seems to be in the pre-COVID times. Sam shared a picture of the piece of pizza that he received, and the small size should be surprising, but based on recent portion-sizing, it really isn’t.

Honey I shrunk the slice of pizza

As you can see, the size of the pizza is incredibly small compared to the triangular box it is served it. Those who have had pizza at a Disney Park before know that the pizza usually fits the pizza box perfectly. By keeping the box the same size, it is now incredibly obvious that the size of the pizza is substantially smaller. However, the shrinking portion size does not come with a shrinking price tag. That small slice of pizza will set Guests back $8 — the same price as when the pizza filled the box it was served in.

Do you think Disney is getting out of control with its smaller portions?

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