Group Tries to Break Into Disneyland In Broad Daylight, Caught By Security and Anaheim Police

Credit: (Left) Disney / (Right) ThemeParkMom TikTok

When you visit Disneyland Resort, there are some things you expect to see — people enjoying a delicious Dole Whip, toddlers sleeping in their strollers, and a long line for Radiator Springs Racers. However, sometimes you see something you never expected. TikToker Kel (@themeparkmom) was visiting the Happiest Place on Earth recently and couldn’t help but share her wild story.

Disneyland Forever Fireworks

Credit: Disney

Kel took to the social media platform to share that, while she was waiting her turn to get into the Park, she heard Cast Members yelling for security. She then saw a group of four teenagers running towards the Park through the exit.  They ran past Cast Members and sprinted down Main Street. She then pointed out that the act seemed fruitless. Security cameras cover every inch of Disneyland Resort.


Credit: Disney

While seeing people try to break into a Disney Park may be shocking enough, the story doesn’t end there. Kel followed up her original post with one where she reveals that she later saw two of the teens who broke into the Park. They were being followed by security, who soon surrounded them. Sadly, two of the teenagers were with a young boy and a young girl. Security told the group they needed to go with them to a secure area. They were then escorted off Main Street.

Disneyland Security

Credit: ThemeParkMom TikTok

Kel finished her series, informing her followers that Cast Members told her that the two young children seen in her second video were not a part of the group that originally broke in. She said that the group who broke past Cast Members at the exit were four teenagers, around the same age as the two that had been caught. She did not know what happened to the other two or where they were. Kel also did not know how the children became involved in the situation, but Anaheim Police were also on scene.

Anaheim Police Disneyland

Credit: Anaheim Police Department

When visiting Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure, both a ticket and a reservation are needed to enter the Park. It is unknown if the teens had tickets but no reservations, or if they had tickets at all. However, thinking that they could simply run past security and enjoy their day is unfathomable. Disney has no qualms about banning Guests who behave like that. It is possible that the teens may have been told that they are not to step foot on any Disney property again.

You can watch Kel’s entire saga below.


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What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen happen during your trip to a Disney Park?

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