Disney Accused of Fat Shaming While Talking About Cutting Portion Sizes at Parks

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To say that many feel Disney is getting in the bad habit of charging a lot more for a lot less would be an understatement. From increasing ticket and annual pass prices to eliminating the free FastPass Program, and making evening Extra Magic Hours available to only those staying at Deluxe Resort, Disney is making a lot of decisions that aren’t sitting right with people. And it looks like they are preparing to make more, but one person’s justification for such cuts is causing many to do a double-take.

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At Disney’s Quarter 4 Earnings call, Walt Disney Company CFO — Chief Financial Officer — Christine McCarthy spoke about how the company was battling rising inflation and what they were doing to mitigate the costs. McCarthy spoke about just how the company is working to cut costs when it comes to money spent on the theme parks themselves.

McCarthy made the following comment during the call.

“Just last week, I was talking to our Parks senior team about things about things we could do there, and there are lots of things that are worth talking about. You know, we can adjust suppliers, we can substitute products, we can cut portion size — which is probably good for some people’s waist lines…”

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For a company that recently added a fifth tier — inclusion — to their standards of practice, the comment left many people with their jaws on the floor. People are paying a lot to visit the theme parks every year, and to hear the Chief Financial Officer seemingly fat-shame the people giving them their hard-earned money as an excuse to cut costs just didn’t feel right.

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Twitter user Nicole (@SparklyNicole) felt the comment was downright “cringey”.

I’m not over this cringey comment made on the Disney stockholder call regarding inflation costs. ..we can cut portion sizes which is good for some people’s waist lines.. Yikes. People are on vacation and already paying too much for most of these meals.

Steven Sokulski said that he was “disgusted” by the comments made by McCarthy.

The Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company implied that cutting portion sizes would be good for customers’ waistlines. $DIS is going to have to answer for this one. As a shareholder, I’m disgusted.


Kaitlin Livin Life felt that if Disney wanted to be as inclusive as they claim, then that needs to include people with different body types.

I am absolutely disgusted by the “We can cut portion size, which is probably good for some people’s waistlines” quote from this latest Stock holders meeting. It’s fatphobic and extremely telling of the company’s attitude towards plus size people. Disney this year has made huge Strides towards more inclusion and diversity initiatives. But that needs to include all BODIES! Big or small or disabled this is disgusting. Disney you need to do better!

Disney revealed during the earnings call that its Parks had made a combined profit of $640 million in just the fourth quarter alone as more people are venturing out to the Parks after being stuck indoors for the better part — or in some cases more than — a year.

It should be noted that Disney has not made any official comment on whether or not it will in fact cut portion sizes, it was just named as a potential way to save more money. Unfortunately, it is doubtful that smaller price tags will come along with those smaller portions.

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