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Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom is home to one of the most popular Disney dining experiences at the Walt Disney World Resort where Guests are given the opportunity to step directly into a classic Disney animated film. Be Our Guest Restaurant brings the Beast’s Castle from Beauty and the Beast to life in stunning detail and welcomes Guests to dine on traditional French cuisine for lunch and dinner and even offers the chance to try the famous Grey Stuff!

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The experience of dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant is an enchanted tale that begins as Guests approach the main entrance and find a crumbling archway that opens into a large stone bridge with the Beast’s Castle looming on large rock formations in the distance. After passing a brightly colored crest, Guests can check out somber gargoyles supporting lamp posts with the sounds of a gurgling waterfall in the distance.

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The main door into Be Our Guest Restaurant features two massive statues of mythological beasts on each side and a beautiful stained glass window above depicting the enchanted rose and how the sorceress cursed the Beast. Another brightly colored stained glass creation can be found in the vestibule again featuring the enchanted rose over the heads of Belle and Prince Adam as they waltz through the castle.

Be Our Guest

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The interior of Be Our Guest Restaurant is broken down into three distinct dining room that each bring a fabled location from Beauty and the Beast to life. The stunning Grand Ballroom recreates where Belle and the Beast shared their iconic dance with ornate high ceilings painted with cloud murals, regal gold chandeliers, rich tiled floors, overlooking balconies, and large glass windows that look out onto the French countryside where snow is always gently falling.

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The West Wing

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The moody West Wing where the Beast hid in solitude is also available for Guests to dine in, and dark purple wallpaper, shredded curtains, and dimmer lighting frame the glowing enchanted rose and magic mirror on a small table as well as a torn portrait of Prince Adam that flashes to the image of the Beast with random lightning strikes. The West Wing is the smallest of the three dining rooms, but definitely the most immersive thanks to the moody theming.

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The Castle Gallery

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The final dining area at Be Our Guest Restaurant is The Castle Gallery which features a bright and regal feel with beautiful wallpaper, calming touches of green, stunning molding on high ceilings, and a central focal point of stone archways framing a rotating statue of Belle and the Beast waltzing. The walls in The Castle Gallery are also covered in beautiful paintings that depict the day to day lives of favorite characters from Beauty and the Beast to help continue the story.

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Once settled in at their tables at Be Our Guest Restaurant, Guests can begin to check out the mouthwatering menu of traditional French favorites including French Onion Soup and Filet Mignon that are offered in a prix fixe menu. Guests can choose one appetizer, one entrée, and end their meal with a trio of desserts that can’t be missed and it should also be noted that since this is a table service restaurant, it is one of the only locations in the Magic Kingdom where Guests can enjoy alcoholic beverages.

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Country Seasonal Salad

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The appetizers at Be Our Guest Restaurant feature some hearty and comforting soup options to begin with including the Maine Lobster Bisque which is creamy, filled with poached lobster, and garnished with crème fraiche and traditional French Onion Soup with toasted croutons, gruyere, and provolone. A light option is also available with the Country Seasonal Salad which tops fresh greens with toasted walnuts, fresh fruit, and a seasonal vinaigrette dressing.

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Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheeses

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Guests who are looking for a unique option at Be Our Guest Restaurant can try the Captain Nemo Octopus which combines a seaweed salad with cucumber, pickled beets, hearts of palm, tapioca crackers, beet mousse, and carrot-ginger silk for delicious flavors in each bite. The final appetizer option is the Assorted Meats and Artisanal Cheese Selection which features an array of choices to sample in addition to accompaniments such as crackers and seasonal garnishes.

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Center-cut Filet Mignon

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Be Our Guest Restaurant features some truly decadent entrée options to choose from beginning with the hearty Center-cut Filet Mignon which is cooked to preference and paired with Yukon potatoes, seasonal vegetables, cipollini-garlic puree, and red wine puree for beautiful and fresh flavors. The Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin is also a filling option that features crispy pork belly, seasonal vegetables prepared two ways, pork jus, and candied pecans for a perfect crunch.

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Poulet Rouge Chicken

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The other meat-based entrée option at Be Our Guest Restaurant is the Poulet Rouge Chicken which is moist and juicy and served with a savory bread pudding, seasonal vegetables, and chicken glace. While some Guests might look for a more indulgent choice than chicken, this entrée option is packed with flavor and perfectly juicy making it a delicious choice!

Pan-seared Sea Scallops

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Those looking for entrée options without meat at Be Our Guest Restaurant can opt for the Pan-seared Sea Scallops which are perfectly cooked and served with a seasonal risotto, fennel, apple, and consommé. A vegetarian option is also available with the Vadouvan Spiced Vegetables which features sautéed seasonal vegetables, a crispy corn cake, coconut-vadouvan jus, and pickled mustard seeds.

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Dessert Trio

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Dessert at Be Our Guest Restaurant features a sampling of classic French options for each Guest to enjoy. Guests can finish off their wonderful meals with a Lemon Jam Macaron, Dark Chocolate Truffle with dark chocolate Grand Marnier ganache, and Chocolate Tart topped with the iconic Grey Stuff, crispy pearls, and white chocolate wafer. There is also a plant-based Vanilla Cake with Lemon Curd served with fresh berries and a strawberry meringue that can be substituted for Guests with dietary restrictions!

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Family Dining

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Be Our Guest Restaurant is the perfect combination of regal and immersive theming and delicious French cuisine that whisks Guests overseas and places them in Beauty and the Beast. With the chance to dine in The West Wing, The Grand Ballroom, or The Castle Gallery (plus the chance that the Beast might stroll through his castle at any moment!), lunch or dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant is a Disney dining experience that must be enjoyed during any visit to the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

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