Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow Meets Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington in This PERFECT Crossover

jack sparrow (johnny depp) screaming (left), Jack Skellington making a scary face (right)
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Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow and Tim Burton’s kooky character, Jack Skellington, are some of Disney’s most infamous and beloved characters.

These characters are unique because neither of them fits the stereotypical Walt Disney Pictures image. While they’re honorable and noble in their own ways, they’re no Prince Charmings.

Jack Skellington and Jack Sparrow – Not a Prince Charming in Sight!

elizabeth swann (kiera knightley, left) holding a compass beside captain jack sparrow (johnny depp, right), who is holding an oar

Credit: Disney

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Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is a (mostly) selfish pirate, delighting in vices such as piracy, lust, and, well, rum! Needless to say, an alcoholic pirate with a penchant for gold and pretty women is probably not what Disney wants associated with its image.

On the other hand, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) may be charming, debonair, and a literal Pumpkin King, but he’s also no Prince Charming!

jack skellington with christmas tree

Credit: Disney

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The Nightmare Before Christmas character spends most of his film culturally appropriating Christmastown traditions for Halloween Town, taking credit for Santa Claus’s hard work. Not only that, but Jack Skellington famously delights in scaring everyone, young and old.

Each character is slightly morally grey and beloved all the more for it, making them unique personalities of the Disney canon. So, despite these characters coming from entirely different Walt Disney Pictures movies, they’re often spotted not too far from each other.

Both Jacks Are Often Spotted Not Too Far From Each Other

jack skellington singing, yellow moon in the background

Credit: Disney

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Whether visiting Disneyland Park or Magic Kingdom, each Disney Park’s version of Adventureland is home to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The gift shop often houses both Pirates of the Caribbean film merchandise and Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise.

These worlds collide on a regular basis when characters see the merchandise from each franchise in the same place, but what happens when these worlds collide in real-time? It creates the perfect crossover we never knew we needed, that’s what!


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During Magic Kingdom and Disneyland Park’s special Halloween events (Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Oogie Boogie Bash, respectively), Jack Skellington and Sally become characters guests can meet and interact with.

But it’s only for a limited time! Jack Skellington and Sally can only be seen during the Halloween season, beginning in late summer and ending abruptly on Halloween night or the day after. So, when Captain Jack Sparrow and Jack Skellington interact with each other, it’s a moment to remember!

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