Racist Disney Fans Bombard Movie Review Site, Cause a SITE Shut Down

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This behavior is absolutely appalling.

Everyone is entitled to their own option. However, with the right to free speech comes a responsibility to know where and how to use it. In the past few years, many Disney “fans” have chosen to use their voice to share racially insensitive comments about some of Disney’s new casting choices. Regardless of your personal thoughts on the casting choices, it is never appropriate to make racist comments toward the actors portraying these roles.

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Racists Shut Down Rotten Tomatoes Site Over Live-Action “Peter Pan”

Recently, fans shut down the movie review site “Rotten Tomatoes” because of their racially-motivated comments regarding the new live-action Peter Pan film. The latest adaptation of this classic film has caused a stir among certain corners of the internet due to the casting of the role of Tinker Bell. The timing of this controversy is particularly noteworthy, as just a couple of years ago, a similar backlash occurred when a live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid was announced, with Halle Bailey cast as the titular character.

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The uproar is largely due to the fact that the film stars Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell. Many people decided to go to the Rotten Tomatoes site to write negative reviews on the new film, which is called Peter Pan & Wendy. There were so many negative reviews, the audience score plummeted to 12%, the lowest of any live-action. The reviews got so bad, Rotten Tomatoes temporarily removed the film’s page. The page is now back up with the reviews filtered.

Sexism and Racism Give Disney Fans a Bad Look

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However, not all the hate was directed at Shahidi; many also complained that girls were included in the ‘lost boys’ troupe. Many felt this was all part of Disney’s “woke agenda.”

It is one thing to dislike a film personally; many viewers simply did not enjoy Peter Pan & Wendy. However, the racist and sexist comments are completely unacceptable. The behavior of these so-called “fans” gives the entire Disney community a bad look.

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