It’s Official! Villains-Themed Disney Cruise Ship Is Coming

Pluto and Goofy on Disney Cruise Line with Hades
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For decades, fans have been begging for Disney to create a Villain-themed land, theme park, or attraction. With their evil and iconic flair, Disney Villains are incredibly beloved by fans.

It is for this reason that fans are freaking out over the thrilling announcement that a ‘Heroes and Villains’ themed cruise ship will be sailing the sea coming soon. Once again, Disney is going above and beyond to provide fans with exciting and revolutionary additions to their already impressive lineup of entertainment.

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Disney Destiny

Credit: DCL

Good and Evil Take on the High Seas

Disney Cruise Line has unveiled the exciting details of their upcoming vessel, the Disney Destiny, which is the third addition to their remarkable Wish-class fleet. This new ship is set to be a floating masterpiece, intricately themed around the captivating concept of ‘Heroes and Villains.’

Scheduled for delivery in 2025, the Disney Destiny recently achieved a significant construction milestone during a grand keel-laying ceremony, signifying the beginning of this ship’s remarkable journey.

On board the Disney Destiny, guests are promised an enchanting experience where they will immerse themselves in a world filled with iconic characters from beloved Disney tales.

simba, rafiki, nala

Credit: Disney

From the majestic creatures of The Lion King (1994) to the legendary figures of Hercules (1997) and the mischievous characters from One Hundred and One Dalmatians ((1961), passengers will have the opportunity to mingle with both heroes and villains alike.

The ship’s thematic design is crafted to transport guests into these fantastical worlds, ensuring a magical journey filled with nostalgia and wonder.

In a teaser video released today, fans can get a sneak peek into the ship’s storyline.

A Thrilling New Offering

The Disney Destiny is a remarkable addition to Disney Cruise Line’s fleet, promising an unforgettable journey through the enchanting world of Disney. This magnificent ship is set to redefine the standards of Disney cruising, combining the magic of Disney with the excitement of exploring new destinations.

From the moment guests step on board, they are transported into a realm of adventure and wonder, where every detail is meticulously designed to create a truly immersive experience for all ages.

Disney Destiny

Credit: DCL

On the Disney Destiny, guests can look forward to a wide array of activities and entertainment options that cater to every taste and preference.

Whether it’s indulging in world-class dining, relaxing by the pool, or enjoying Broadway-caliber shows, there is something for everyone to enjoy onboard this spectacular vessel.

Families can create memories that will last a lifetime as they participate in themed parties, character meet-and-greets, and exciting deck parties under the stars.

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