Guest Urges Caution Amid Disney Cruise Line Safety Concerns

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The cruising industry has rebounded remarkably after the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The virus brought a prolonged halt to the favored vacation choice, but now cruise ships are back in action at full throttle. Disney Cruise Line stands out in this resurgence, showcasing a remarkable recovery and even introducing a successful new vessel, the Disney Wish. However, amidst this rejuvenation, passengers are sounding alarms about a lingering annoyance when sailing on board.

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Navigating the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Cruise Industry

Reports indicate that COVID-19 infections are still exceedingly common, casting a shadow over the cruising industry’s return to normalcy. Despite the world embracing a semblance of regular life with the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, the virus continues to cast a looming presence over the cruise sector. Nevertheless, cruise enthusiasts are flocking back with enthusiasm.

The history of COVID-19’s association with cruise ships is marked by contention. At the onset of the pandemic, these floating paradises became symbols of the virus’s rapid transmission. Disney Cruise Line, among others, faced outbreaks on board, leading to an unprecedented suspension of operations and worldwide travel constraints.

In response, the cruise industry enacted stringent health and safety protocols, with Disney Cruise Line particularly meticulous in their efforts. Measures such as heightened sanitation, reduced guest capacity, and rigorous testing requirements were implemented to ensure a secure environment for passengers and crew. While many of these measures are no longer in effect, recent passenger reports suggest a noteworthy concern.

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COVID Reports from Holiday Cruising

Numerous passengers returning from cruises have reported feeling unwell during or shortly after their voyages, with some subsequently testing positive for COVID-19. This was a problem during the summer, and it seems the winter months are just as common.

A Disney Fantasy cruiser recently shared a cautionary message on the r/DCL subreddit, revealing their contraction of COVID-19 during or shortly after their cruise.

As title says. My mom started having cold like symptoms the day after we disembarked the ship. Initially we didn’t think much, then my daughter, me and my husband all started having symptoms one after another so I finally took a test yesterday and got positive. Our symptoms weren’t too bad but still, it feels like a price to pay for taking a vacation on a cruise ship😑. Hope most people on the ship were ok.

Caught Covid from fantasy trip Dec9-16.😢
byu/DriveNo3512 indcl


Although the risk perception of COVID-19 has diminished for many, the inconvenience of falling ill, particularly during a cruise vacation, remains a concern. Upholding hygiene practices, including regular hand washing and conscientious surface handling, is crucial while on a ship.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the virus still kills people daily. However, boarding a cruise for vacation is still a risk many don’t mind taking.

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While Disney Cruise Line and other major operators remain committed to passenger safety, recent events on the Disney Fantasy emphasize the need for ongoing caution and awareness. It’s a reality not exclusive to Disney Cruise Line, as major cruise ships globally grapple with increased COVID-19 cases, often managing the issue discreetly.

Embarking on a Disney cruise remains a dream trip, but taking extra steps, being vigilant, and being considerate to fellow travelers, especially if feeling unwell, is essential.

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