Disney Cruise Guests Be on Alert, Something Is Hiding on Board

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Taking a Disney cruise vacation will almost always be a magical experience. However, some passengers bring crazy things with them for the journey. Whether you are an avid Disney Cruise Line fan or heading off on your first sailing on the high seas, you should know what is spreading fast across the fleet!

More and more passengers are bringing the craze aboard Disney ships. Something is hiding among Disney’s vessels, and that something is rubber ducks.

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Disney Cruise Rubber Duck Trend

Picture this: cruisers, armed with small rubber ducks adorned with Disney character themes, stealthily scatter their creations throughout the ship. The ducks become tiny, unexpected surprises waiting to be discovered by fellow passengers.

Whether it’s a duck dressed like a character from a beloved Disney movie or a cleverly crafted tag, these little ducks are carefully placed in nooks and crannies, turning the entire ship into a playground of surprises.

The beauty lies in the simplicity of the game. Young and old guests are encouraged to participate by crafting or purchasing their rubber ducks before setting sail. These personalized quackers are then strategically hidden, bearing tags with simple instructions: finders can either keep the duck or re-hide it for the next lucky cruiser.

The result? A delightful chain reaction of discovery that adds a layer of joy to the already magical voyage. While it started small, the trend has grown into a common sight.

Disney rubber ducks

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Rubber Duck Fun For Everyone

Imagine stumbling upon a rubber duck dressed as your favorite Disney character in unexpected places like the Walt Disney Theater or nestled in the stairwells on your way back to your stateroom.

It’s a thrilling game of hide-and-seek with a touch of Disney charm for children. The joy is contagious, and the surprise element elevates the cruising experience for everyone on board.

What began as a playful endeavor by guests has evolved into a phenomenon, complete with social media groups facilitating the coordination of the duck drop.

Rules are established to ensure the experience remains pure and positive; no room for obscenity or political statements here. Instead, participants are encouraged to share their duck discoveries on social platforms, creating a virtual gallery of joy and camaraderie.

Disney Cruise Line Fleet

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Disney Crew Members Collect the Ducks

Interestingly, the ship’s crew, initially puzzled by the sudden appearance of rubber ducks, has fully embraced the trend. What was once an unknown and perhaps perplexing activity has also transformed into a source of joy for crew members.

Some go the extra mile to join in on the fun, collecting the ducks as quirky decorations for their cabins or offices. It’s a heartwarming and simple way for guests to connect with the crew, who spend long months away from family and friends.

So, as you prepare for your next high-seas adventure with Disney Cruise Line, consider adding a touch of magic to your suitcase. Pack a few rubber ducks, whether whimsically crafted or intricately themed, and join in the joyful hide-and-seek tradition on the high seas.

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It doesn’t matter which vessel you are sailing on either. Hide some ducks on the esteemed Disney Magic. Maybe take some to spread during an Alaskan vacation on the Disney Wonder, a week in the Bahamas on the Disney Fantasy, or aboard the stunning Disney Wish.

You might just be caught up in the fun, creating unforgettable moments and spreading smiles to fellow cruisers and crew members alike. After all, isn’t spreading rubber ducks around a Disney ship a much more endearing thought than spreading COVID-19? Hopefully, Donald Duck doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight.

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