RUMOR: Evidence Suggests Disney Cruise Ship May Get a Roller Coaster

Disney cruise roller coaster
Credit: Disney

Could Disney Cruise Line be on the cusp of having an actual roller coaster on one of its ships? Rumor has it the company may already have a fully completed one ready to go on its upcoming Disney Adventure cruise vessel. But will the attraction survive through Disney’s transformation of its recent purchase?

Imagine the thrill of a fully functional roller coaster on a Disney cruise ship, racing over the waves at intense speeds. It’s not just a dream but a potentially game-changing reality for Disney Cruise Line.

Mickey and Friends Disney Cruise LIne

Credit: Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Purchases Partially Completed Ship

The Walt Disney Company made headlines in 2022 when it acquired the colossal Global Dream cruise ship, rebranding it as the Disney Adventure and making Singapore its destined home port.

The Global Dream was on track to become a marvel of maritime engineering and one of the largest vessels ever at sea. However, construction halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Dream Cruises, the subsidiary of Genting Group that owned the ship, went bankrupt.

Disney’s acquisition of the ship last year meant that many of its amenities were already in place, including an actual roller coaster for the upper decks. The tweet below displays renderings from the Global Dream with this thrill ride lining the top deck.

Disney Cruise Line Roller Coaster

The Space Cruise, as it’s known, was designed as the longest roller coaster at sea. A collaborative effort between Dream Cruises and Maurer Rides, this coaster defied the limitations of conventional land-based roller coasters. It boasted powerful electric motors and a positive-locking drive system, offering nearly 1g of acceleration throughout its 300-meter track.

So, what does this mean for passengers? It guaranteed a breathtaking and spectacular ride over the heads of fellow travelers, creating an experience unlike any other Disney cruise ship attraction. The ride reaches speeds of up to 60 km/h (37 mph).

For those who can’t quite picture the experience, test runs of the coaster can be viewed in a YouTube video from Ride Review.

But will Disney choose to keep this unique and thrilling feature? Currently, the company’s plans for the Disney Adventure remain somewhat shrouded in mystery.

An artistic rendering released during the ship’s acquisition announcement doesn’t include the roller coaster, but that’s not a definitive confirmation that Disney won’t utilize it. This rendering may not depict the final product, and it doesn’t offer a clear view of the ship’s top deck or the coaster’s designated area.

Disney Adventure ship

Credit: Disney

Nonetheless, incorporating a roller coaster into the Disney Adventure could be a golden opportunity for Disney. Currently, Carnival Cruise Line is one of the only companies that offers a roller coaster on one of its ships.

Disney Adventure Potential

Disney is renowned for its iconic theme parks, many featuring heart-pounding roller coasters. While Disney Cruise Line has introduced attractions like the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, or the newer AquaMouse on the Disney Wish, it doesn’t quite match the exhilaration of a genuine roller coaster experience on the upper decks of a vessel.

The fate of this incredible addition to the Disney Adventure remains uncertain until Disney Cruise Line provides more insight into its plans for the ship. We haven’t discovered if the ride has been sold or dismantled since the Global Dream‘s construction paused and Disney acquired the vessel.

Nevertheless, the prospect of Disney embracing this thrilling feature could generate immense excitement. While we await further information, we can look forward to other Disney ventures, such as the Disney Treasure ship and the enchanting Lighthouse Point island, to keep us entertained.

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